Donkey Kong, Trans Rights And The Power Of Spite

Donkey Kong, Trans Rights And The Power Of Spite

Powered by spite, Harry Brewis – better known as Hbomberguy – played Donkey Kong 64 live on stream for almost 60 hours. The world rallied around him and raised over $475,000 for transgender support charity, Mermaids.

A day later and the world continues to be a rad place in the wake of this gargantuan effort.

It started when Graham Linehan, creator of Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd, tried to organise a defunding campaign against Mermaids, a UK charity that supports gender variant and transgender kids.

Youtube personality, Harry Brewis didn’t like that and decided to start a charity stream to raise money for Mermaids while playing Donkey Kong 64. The power of “fuck this guy in particular” is strong and the stream lasted over three days with a constantly rotating cast of celebrities and advocates calling in to show their support for trans rights.

In the end, he raised over $475,000 while completing Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion in 57 hours, 48 minutes and 32 seconds.

Marathon Donkey Kong Stream Raises Over $350,000 For Transgender Charity

It's now day three of Hbomberguy's marathon charity stream where he is trying to earn 101% completion in Donkey Kong 64. The Youtuber has raised over $350,000 for UK transgender support charity Mermaids with the help of a supporting cast that includes John Romero, Chelsea Manning and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.</p><p>And it all started to spite the creator of Father Ted.

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It was an amazing show of unity in support of a group that is often left voiceless. For much of the final day of the stream, Brewis was barely able to find time to speak while everyone else had their say about trans rights, the state of the world and sharing their own lived experiences.

At one point, the voice of Donkey Kong himself, Grant Kirkhope joined the stream and said “Trans Rights!”

Kirkhope wasn’t the only gaming celebrity to join the cause. Doom creator, John Romero got in the action as well.

US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez called in and professed her love of the Nintendo 64.

Chelsea Manning and a number of other transgender people – famous or otherwise – all spent time during the stream to talk about their lives and difficulties they have faced. Each of them helped shine a light on the reality we all live in.

The clips section on Brewis’s Twitch page is a magnificent highlight reel of some of the best moments of the marathon.

Even Scottish parliament got involved with the Scottish Greens tabling a motion congratulating Brewis on the success of the fundraising effort.

Someone bought and redirected it towards Brewis’s stream. It has since been changed to a donation page for Mermaids.


  • I recently discovered Hbomberguy’s Youtube channel and I can’t recommend it enough. This was a fantastic effort from a fantastic person.

    And also, Fuck Graham Linehan.

    • I only knew of Linehan through his TV work before this. Trying to defund a charity looking after vulnerable people, what a scummy thing to do.

    • Holy Sh*t, that article made my head spin. How the hell do the kids at the centre of something like that know what is going on?

  • Man, this is so disappointing. I love Linehan’s work. I rewatch Black Books and IT Crowd on regular basis. Not quite the same now. 🙁

    • I’d argue though that Black Books and IT Crowd’s quality are derived from old mate’s willingness to dispense such views. Apologies if this sounds a bit strange.

      • It doesn’t sound strange, and I understand what you’re trying to say, but in specific to reference to his views on trans persons I would say you are wrong. Black Books, IT Crowd and Father Ted all feature characters who say and do things which are extreme and out of touch, but it’s clear that these characters are satirical. Bernard Black is not a character that is meant to be thought of as perceptive or looked up to – his opinions are largely arrogant and out of touch and function as a comment on a stereotype.
        The strength of Linehan’s comedy sometimes takes the form of saying or doing outrageous things which push the envelope of societal norms, but the characters who say and do those things are not heroes and don’t carry a political agenda. I’d argue that Linehan’s strongest comedic attribute is his clever writing and sharp sense of comedic timing.

        • If he were the boom operator or key grip, I’d agree, but the fact that he is the sole- or co-creator and one of the principle writers makes it a harder pill to swallow. Linehan’s shows were some of my favourite growing up. I haven’t watched them in a while, but I’m unlikely going to be able to rewatch them without the knowledge of his belief tainting the experience.

          • and that’s a justifiable response, it’s just a shame that all the other people who worked on those shows are affected by his opinions. I can separate that myself, especially since I know that watching the shows again on DVD’s I bought years ago isn’t an endorsement of his beliefs.

          • True, it isn’t right to tar the whole production with the same brush. I’m lucky (in a selfish way) that so far my heroes haven’t been revealed to be shitbags (yet), so this is a new concept for me to deal with and I haven’t had to justify or rationalise the consequences of this sort of thing on a personal/consumer level. I’m having to work out my moral compass as it goes. Time will tell how I approach this sort of thing, I guess.

    • I’m guessing / inferring, but I’d say the right to be treated with respect as the gender that they identify with, apart from the more general desire of marginalized groups to live their lives on their own terms with dignity and all that.

      • lol one notion that is awesome

        i don’t know about the gender fluid thing but ins’t the so called anti trans legislation meant to make sure that someones biological gender is correctly represented to the government and in official documentation, it’s a bit hyperbolic to say hes outlawing the ability to identify as transgender.

        The whole thing seems idiotic to me surely you could just allow for trans people to fill in documentation with transgender/male or transgender/female instead of making trans people uncomfortable. Maybe he thinks he can get elected by courting bigots and scaring the gullible?

    • Straightforwardly, and as stated by many of the people appearing on the stream, they are human rights.

      Most pressingly, just like any other humans, trans people have the right not be victims of hate crimes (be that violence, hate speech, or other forms of discrimination) based on their gender or sexual identity.

      Frankly I’m confused by the question.

      • i think the question is meant to be “what are trans rights” as in trans rights don’t exist only human rights and everybody has human rights including trans people.

          • Sorry. I’ve phrased this completely wrong.

            I meant that being transgender is somewhat understandably looked down upon by those whose lives have been lived predicated on ideas like that their gender is not fluid, and is not changeable. For this small minority of ‘transphobes’ (for the sake of understanding – I don’t use this phrase often myself) to act as they do when their rigid beliefs are challenged is fair enough.

            I am not entirely familiar with this prominent social issue but my opinion remains the same, regardless of my naivety in naming such beliefs: that there is man and there is woman. They are not fluid or interchangeable, and are not a matter of choice. I believe that gender and biological sex are the same, and that gender is not a social construct.

            However, this man’s actions in raising awareness on this issue are commendable, regardless of my stance on the issue.. He raised a fair amount for what he believes is a good cause.

            It’s late and I’m tired. Please have mercy and be considerate of my somewhat dissident view on this website haha.

        • Yes – from what I can tell IT SEEMS LIKE you’re upset that somebody raised money that goes to support a group of people who often need more help than they get, but that’d just be silly, so more clarification would be helpful.

          • Why do they deserve more help than the average person.
            What I’m saying is all people should be treated the same.
            Have you ever realised these groups if people want more rights special exemptions just because they are different is a joke hi

          • Trans people don’t want “more rights” or “special exemptions.” They need more help than the average person because they’re victims of violence and discrimination more than the average person.

  • This is such a great story. So many negative video game beat ups in the press all the time but this is really amazing. Well done to everyone involved, but especially to HBomberguy. What an absolute legend.

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