Marathon Donkey Kong Stream Raises Over $350,000 For Transgender Charity

Marathon Donkey Kong Stream Raises Over $350,000 For Transgender Charity
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It’s now day three of Hbomberguy’s marathon charity stream where he is trying to earn 101% completion in Donkey Kong 64. The Youtuber has raised over $350,000 for UK transgender support charity Mermaids with the help of a supporting cast that includes John Romero, Chelsea Manning and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And it all started to spite the creator of Father Ted.

When Mermaids was granted funding through the UK’s National Lottery, there was some outrage from Father Ted creator, Graham Linehan who tried to drive people to mass message the National Lottery to cancel the funding.

Youtube personality, Hbomberguy, took a different tact and started up a massive charity stream, playing Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion for over 50 hours. He’ll stop when he’s done. We could be in for the long haul.

It didn’t start as a massive stream but it has grown and grown over this weekend with over 25,000 viewers and over $350,000 raised at the time of writing. The constantly shifting goal started at US$500 ($698) and has consistently been raised everytime he exceeds that mark.

It hasn’t been a solo effort from Hbomberguy. The CEO of Mermaids, Susie Green, has joined Hbomberguy in a group call along with John Romero, Chelsea Manning, Mara Wilson and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The people in the group are constantly rotating in and out, talking casually about transgender rights and the current state of the world.

Playing non-stop for over 50 hours is not a healthy endeavour but thankfully there has been some other support to help him get through this marathon, with a literal skeleton crew subbing in when needed.

Despite the spiteful initial motivations behind this stream something positive and constructive has happened. Nobody is more surprised than Hbomberguy.

You can watch the stream live on Twitch.

Correction: This article originally listed the wrong donation goal for the stream, it has been updated to reflect the constantly changing goal due to the stream’s unexpected success.



  • This has been such an amazing thing to see, and I can only hope we see more stuff like this in future. Trans rights!

  • Nice timing, I literally just saw this signal boosted by Matt Mercer on twitter a few hours ago. Awesome amount of money raised from a single streamer, big respect for the guy.

  • I’ve been watching the stream since Saturday morning and it’s only JUST finished. It’s been amazing to see how far it spread, and all the individual life stories from the cavalcade of guests.
    John Romero and Josh Sayer were highlights for me.

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