Here’s How Much Resident Evil 2 Has Changed

Here’s How Much Resident Evil 2 Has Changed
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As you may have seen in our review, a whole lot has changed in the remake of Resident Evil 2. How much, exactly? Take a peek.

In the video above, we compared a handful of iconic scenes from the newly-released remake and the 1998 original. How much have the Lickers changed? What about Ada Wong?

If that’s not enough for you, here’s 13 minutes of straight gameplay we captured below.


      • I clicked on the article because I thought there would be a summary, not just a link to two videos. If I had known, I would not have clicked it.
        The Aussie authors of Kotaku wouldn’t do something so lazy. =/

  • I feel like capcom released far too much footage of this in the lead up to the release.
    I haven’t watched any of it because I want to experience the game blind. Even refrained from the demo.

    I’ll never understand people’s need to ruin games and movies by watching and reading about every little detail before seeing/playing the thing.
    I have friends who won’t watch or play anything without reading detailed reviews, spoilers, videos etc.
    is the need to control everything more important than having an unadulterated and fun experience??

  • Played the demo, loved the demo, will definitely be picking this one up.
    This is how you do a remake.
    I don’t know why people complained about how Leon and Claire look.
    Not sure what they were expecting them to look like. Closer to the original perhaps? So a lot less pixels?

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