Westworld Mobile Game To Ride Off Into The Sunset

Image: Twitter

The Westworld mobile game has not had the smoothest of times. Those times are coming to an abrupt end with the developers announcing that the game has been pulled from the App Store and Google Play with plans to officially close it on April 16.

The mobile game based on the HBO TV series shares striking similarities with Fallout Shelter. So striking that Bethesda sued the game's developers last year for inappropriately using code developed while working on Fallout Shelter.

In a message on the game's Twitter page, it was announced that the game has been removed from the App Store and Google Play and that the game will be taken offline on April 16.

In game purchases have been shut down and all users with in game currency are encouraged to spend it before April 16.


    Well i guess we know what part of the settlement with bethesda was then.

      Yeah. Seems like the terms were, "Slink off with your tail between your legs and pay us some moderate compensation, or fight us in court, at which point we'll make sure your ass ends up looking like a depleted strip-mine."

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