What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Atlus

It’d be rather nice to spend some time this long weekend playing video games. I envy all of you that will be able to get some quality screen time, I’ll be busy putting my life into boxes for my move to Brisbane.

It’s a real shame that I won’t be able to get any gaming in this weekend because the PC release of Catherine Classic looks like a solid way to spend the day. I bought Catherine on PC many moons ago and never quite got around to beating it.

Atlus’s block-shoving puzzle game has some great gameplay and there’s a batshit insane relationship drama going on with the protagonist Vincent deciding between Katherine and Catherine.

But the only blocks I’ll be shoving this weekend are moving boxes.

How about you? Do you have any plans for this long weekend?


  • Looking forward to Catherine Full Body on Vita (yes, I’m optimistic).

    I’ll be mooching around, collecting yokai in Yokai Watch 2.

    I’ll be continuing the 5th Palace in Persona 5. Enjoyed the story part immediately before that concerning the navigator. And the school trip was pretty hilarious 😀

    • As much as I’ve enjoyed Persona 5, I just want it to f**ing END now. Almost 90 hours in. That’s enough for any game. I love it, but there are a lot of other games that I also want to play.

      • Haha, I think I’m only about 45 hours in. I know what you mean, but then again, my next game is going to be Red Dead 2, so I’ll be going from one time sink to another … lol

        • As much as I want to play RDR2, I haven’t bought it and I might never buy it for that exact reason.

          I just don’t understand why every bloody game needs to go for 100 bloody hours. I would much rather play 5 20 hour games.

  • Other than playing the real life survival game of multiple 40+ degree days in a row, I’ll try and play some more Mutant Year Zero.

  • I have EA access so probably Anthem for a bit then move on to Titanfall 2. I might go back and finish ME Catalyst but honestly that game just isn’t speaking to me

    Unravel was pretty fun.

    • Are the queues on Titanfall 2 any better than a few months ago?
      It’s a bit disappointing that such an awesome game has such a tiny population.

      • I think it took me close to 30minute to find a match for attrition. not sure how it used to be but it kind of reminds me of mass effect MP… fun but not a huge audience

  • Anthem demo, Metro 2033, and Minecraft (given the Feb/MNarch release schedule, this week was a really bad time to finally figure out how to fix SevTech’s framerate issues).

  • Tales of Vesperia for me. Really should have waited a week and grabbed Ace Combat instead but stuff it. I’ve got a tough secret mission to fulfill for my next boss fight (Gatusso) so we’ll see how many attempts and life bottles she costs me

  • Warframe with friends and probably some Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Grimoire farming. I’m also kind of keen to dust Diablo III off for a bit since a new season just started.

  • I’ll be working all weekend refreshing an outdated system at work and lamenting not being able to go to cancon.
    Good Luck packing mr!

  • Picked up Red Dead 2 and managed to sink a healthy, few hours into it on my last day of holidays. Aiming to drop a few more this weekend . Super impressive from a technical and engine viewpoint, super intimidating in terms of size and lack of gaming time I have.

  • Tales of Vesperia. Never played it before and still trying to git gud at the various aspects of combat, especially being able to consistently pull off fatal strikes and figuring out secret missions against bosses. I’m about 25 hours in and having an outstanding time.

    • Any secret missions in particular? I can probably point you in the right direction. Played 120+ hours on the original 360 version

  • Going to bounce between Anthem and Resident Evil 2… Also since it’s a long weekend I’ll be watching WWE Royal Rumble on Monday

  • I have been traipsing backwards through the Forza Horizons for some reason, picking up Barn Finds in 2 + 3 that I never did back in the day. It really is an excellent series. But I think the majority of the evening times will be devoted to RE2, the one RE game I’ve never played the original of (so fresh meat!).

    • Yep Fh4 for me. Been off it for 2 weeks due to freezing thinking it was my pc, but turns out it’s just kingfisher cottage that’s bugged, don’t save there.
      Other than that prob some quake champions and making some progress in my 4th play through of mass effect 3.

  • Anthem when Dani’s not around, otherwise Ace Combat 7 and Dying Light when she is.
    It’s a couch weekend.

    Also the new Langrisser mobile game isn’t bad so far. Similar gacha mechanics to the others, but a bit more strategy in the combat and more generous with its upgrades.

      • Absolutely! It’s exactly what I’ve loved about previous ones, though it’s a little shorter on its story than 6, telling most of it in the air and from only one viewpoint on the ground.

        The combat and scenarios are equal parts frustrating and memorable though, and the points-grind is… interesting. Appealing, but a tad grindy. Ultimately unnecessary unless you’re chasing S ratings.

        Very pretty, though, very slick, and great arcade flightsim.

  • Noooot muuuuch? Patiently waiting for KH3; still tossing up if I’ll take an extra-long weekend and not come in Tuesday to put in some time like the good old days of taking days off to play games…

  • Kassandra will be Sparta kicking bandits off cliffs and trying to bed every fair maiden in Greece.

    Meanwhile I’ll be heading back to Fallout 4 to add to the 3749 hours i have in it

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