OK, We Can Shut Down Overwatch Toys Now

OK, We Can Shut Down Overwatch Toys Now

Wrap it up. Nearly three years after it was first released, and long after I stopped playing the actual game, my one and only Overwatch request has come true, and so there is no need for any further merchandise.

There’s a Figma based on Mercy coming next year.

Selling for $US90 ($127) (!) from Blizzard’s online store, it’ll be out “by the end of Q1 2020″.

She comes with two faces, both her weapons, a bunch of hands, her staff opens and closes and her wings are able to deploy.


  • Didn’t you guys just have an article about Overwatch porn being bad for ignoring other body types?
    You will take a Roadhog statuette and you will ENJOY IT, sir.

  • It’s a nice figure. A pity I stopped actually playing OW months ago. Maybe I’ll get it anyway, I have wanted one for ages. But it feels weird given I’ve sworn off the game itself.

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