OK, We Can Shut Down Overwatch Toys Now

Wrap it up. Nearly three years after it was first released, and long after I stopped playing the actual game, my one and only Overwatch request has come true, and so there is no need for any further merchandise.

There’s a Figma based on Mercy coming next year.

Selling for $US90 ($127) (!) from Blizzard’s online store, it’ll be out “by the end of Q1 2020".

She comes with two faces, both her weapons, a bunch of hands, her staff opens and closes and her wings are able to deploy.


    Didn't you guys just have an article about Overwatch porn being bad for ignoring other body types?
    You will take a Roadhog statuette and you will ENJOY IT, sir.

    It's a nice figure. A pity I stopped actually playing OW months ago. Maybe I'll get it anyway, I have wanted one for ages. But it feels weird given I've sworn off the game itself.

    Last edited 10/02/19 9:41 pm

    Will they sell a separate, even angrier face to truly capture the Mercy experience?

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