This Week In Games: Oh God, Everything

There's always one week in February: the week when all the major studios decide to release a ton of blockbuster stuff all at once. Prepare the floodgates.

If you're silly enough to pay early, you can get your hands on Anthem this week. That's if you're not already busy looking at games like Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus (if the Epic Store debacle hasn't set you off), or Jump Force.

And if that's not enough: Civilization 6 gets a major expansion this week, there's a new Far Cry game, and Resort Boss Golf lets people make their own diabolical golf courses.

What a packed week. Let's go through the list...

  • Anthem (PC, PS4, XBO) ***
  • Metro Exodus (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Crackdown 3 (XBO)
  • Far Cry New Dawn (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected (PC)
  • Resort Boss Golf (PC)
  • Civilization VI: Gathering Storm (PC)
  • Heart of the Woods (PC)
  • Minesweeper Genius (Switch)
  • Iron Crypticle (Switch)
  • LOVE (Switch)
  • Modern Combat Blackout (Switch)
  • Olli Olli: Switch Stance (Switch)
  • Cinders (Switch)
  • Alvastia Chronicles (Switch)
  • Pet Care (Switch)
  • Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri Climax (Switch)
  • Tokyo School Life (Switch)
  • The King's Bird (Switch)

Let's get through the trailers. I'll start with a slightly offbeat one, however: Resort Boss Golf, a game about making your own golf resort.

Note: Anthem doesn't fully launch until the 22nd, but you can access it this week if you a) are silly enough to spend an inordinate amount on some form of deluxe edition or b) you're signing up to EA's various subscription programs.

Anyway, ton of AAA games dropping this week. And that's not factoring in anyone who's still hooked on Apex Legends. We'll have more on all of these games - I'll be focusing on Metro myself, since it's not physically possible for me to divvy up my time across seven major releases, not including a couple of indies that deserve attention - throughout the week.

Correction: The Division 2's private beta ended today, but the game isn't officially out until March 15. Apologies for the error, everyone.


    I recall the article posted about resort golf boss and a lot of nostalgia for the true golden standard that is Sid Miers Sim Golf.

    Is the consensus that Golf Resort Boss is similar to Sim Golf and potentially a tribute or have they gone and ruined it with other unnecessary ideas?

    I am getting a warm nostalgia wave from those graphics though.

    Last edited 11/02/19 10:49 am

      I've been playing with a pre-release version of the game (which is early access this week), and I'll have a bit more news on that in the coming days.

      The golfing element is about as far away as you can go from SimGolf, unfortunately.

    The Division 2 doesn't release until the 15th of March.

    The Division 2 is not out until March right??

    "This Week In Games: Oh God, Everything*"

    * Everything except Sekiro...

    I'm not particularly interested in any of these, in fact February is a bit of a break month until March when DOA 6, DMC 5 and Sekiro all come out more or less one week after another.

      I didn't realize Sekiro was out so soon! (I've been on a Sekiro-media-blackout since reveal)

      There's Total War Kingdoms as well, which should be a fun dive into the military past of the Orient. And The Sinking City - that Lovecraftian adventure game - drops in March too. It's a decent first quarter.

        The new total war has unfortunately been delayed till May

        Last edited 12/02/19 2:51 am

      I was dreading this period - seven games in six weeks with Metro, Anthem, Anno, DMC, Division, Sinking City and Sekiro... Now that Metro's off the table, the silly season doesn't start until next week. Woo, one week reprieve!

        Although Crackdown 3 is also on PC, so I may have to dip my toes into that one this weekend...

    Doesn't The Division 2 come out on the 15th of March?? Not this month lol

    Hold up. Isn't Division 2 March 15th? Even with the early access that's still weeks away

    Sorry! I fucked up. Division 2 references are taken out and a correction has been posted at the bottom.

    Thought I read earlier that Division 2 was out this week...

    I was gonna get Anthem but ill spend my time between Apex Legends and Crackdown 3

      Given the troubled development Crackdown 3 has had I'll definitely be waiting for reviews before jumping on that one.

        Yeah thats my takeaway as well. I don't think it'll hurt to wait a week or two to see how it settles down. Unfortunately, that puts it into direct competition with Anthem, which I'll be doing similar with.

        I got game pass so ill just pick it up on when its to that platform. I am not sure if its out on GP the same day as the normal release.

          As its a Microsoft first-party release, it's out on game pass day of release, including PC.

        Its actually suprisingly fun. A bit too short though. I feel like I have almost finished it.

    Been looking forward to Metro and Far Cry but even more so for Anthem.

    I am excited for Far Cry but has no monies. :(

      Doesn't EB Games have a special deal on? Trade 2 games and get Far Cry New Dawn for $1?

        If it does, I was able to trade in No Mans Sky and one of the Trials games to get RDR2 cheap. I had the Trials game on PS plus, and NMS on PC so didn't need them.

        The outlier on the tradeins was that they need to have a value of $10 or more. I'm assuming the same still applies if they're doing it again.

        If that's still the case, you may either have games floating about you no longer need, or may find games cheap at other second hand stores that get to the tenner value EB wants.

          Yeah, i did the same deal for RDR2. Trade in two games with a value of $10 or more each.

          Already platinumed Spiderman and Dragon Quest XI so was going to use those.

    Really looking forward to Metro as I am a big fan of the previous games. I actually preordered it on Steam which dont normally do for big releases, it seems to have paid off this time.

    A new Far Cry game should be something I would get excited for, Ubisoft really knows how to drain hype out of their franchises these days.

    If it wasn't for the demo, I'd be jumping on the Anthem bandwagon.

    As it is, Metro Exodus is about the only title I intend to grab from this week.

    Will grab the Civ VI expansion down the road, and wait for reviews on Crackdown 3 (don't want to be burned again like with Crackdown 2).

    Since I use Xbox Game Pass regularly, I'll check out Crackdown 3 in-between some Far Cry. Though I'm tempted to try Metro and Jump Force too, they might have to wait a little before I get to them.

    As for Anthem, hard pass for now. It just doesn't appeal as much as I hoped it would.

    Last edited 11/02/19 2:55 pm

    Just to clarify your dig at EA, you do not get early access if you "are silly enough to spend an inordinate amount on some form of deluxe edition". It is only for their subscription service, standard and xbox gets 10 hours and premiere gets unlimited early access.

    And yes the fact this still has to be explained reinforces how stupid this model is!

    For me it’s “Oh God, the Movies!” this week.

    "If you're silly enough to pay early, you can get your hands on Anthem this week."

    No, actually, if you paid early i.e. bought the game on preorder, you get *nothing*. The people on EA's stupid subscription service get early access.

      What gets me is that despite all efforts by EA to turn this into a dumpster fire, the actual game itself is looking pretty solid. Add in the very clear post release support already announced, and once we get past this whole stupid pre-release schedule they've concocted the game should settle into something worth looking at.

      I'm not sure how I feel about that combination of sheer stupidity and well defined clarity. BTW, that's not saying the game doesn't/won't have flaws, just that its not looking like a FO76 level dumpster fire event like it was a couple of weeks ago.

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