Windows 95 Is Back

Last year, software developer Felix Rieseberg released a version of Windows 95 that could run on a number of different platforms using a framework called Electron. That first release was kinda fun and ran a few basic apps and games but Rieseberg has come back for a version 2.0 release that includes a web browser, sound support and more.

As well as running Windows 95, the app offers about 500MB of free disk space – way more than most of us could have dreamed of back when we got our first Windows 95 systems. Also included are Microsoft FrontPage for creating websites and some popular games from these days including Doom, Wolfenstein 3D (which was my favourite at the time), A10 Tank Killer and Grand Prix Circuit.

There’s no Internet Explorer but it does come with Netscape 2.0 which is era-appropriate for Windows 95. There’s also a Reset button now – an essential on computers from that time and the update from the initial release also supports sound.

In short, Rieseberg has create a time machine.

Windows95 is running in Electron. This is a framework for running cross-platform applications and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build apps.

After I installed Windows95, it launched almost instantly although a restart did take a little longer after I crashed an application. So, while it not quite be the productivity and gaming powerhouse The Rolling Stones provided the soundtrack for, it’s still fun and a look back to how almost three decades of computing have evolved.

I had some trouble running the games and am still fiddling around with them, trying to get them to run.

You can download the Version 2.0 of Rieseberg’s Windows95 port from GitHub. It’s about 300MB with Mac, Windows and Linux versions available.

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