Community Review: Crackdown 3

Community Review: Crackdown 3

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with plenty of blockbusters, but our Community Reviews of late were missing a bit of … Terry Crews, shall we say.

With all the furore around Metro Exodus leaving Steam, everything that’s happened with Anthem and the internet’s collective Apex Legends obsession, Crackdown 3 has fallen by the wayside a little. For what it’s worth, Tim and Keza both enjoyed the game, although there were was a heavy stipulation in that you really needed to know what you were in for.

Crackdown 3: The Kotaku Review

It’s been a while since I’ve played something as refreshingly uncomplicated as Crackdown 3. You’re a big dude (or lady) with genetically-engineered superpowers and a whole lot of guns. Out there is a futuristic city stuffed with militia and hostile robots. And after the briefest preamble, you’re free to absolutely go to town on it.

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That is to say: Crackdown 3 is dumb, stupid fun, and as long as you don’t expect much more than that, you’ll be alright. It’s open world certainly isn’t anything fresh or innovative – if anything, that’s probably the game’s biggest failing – and the game’s much vaunted demolition system isn’t part of the singleplayer campaign at all.

Wrecking Zone is the multiplayer mode, although there’s only two actual modes within that: Territories and Agent Hunter, the latter of which is basically Crackdown‘s take on Kill Confirmed. Territories is more of a King of the Hill-style mode, although both modes suffer from similar problems.

Firstly, the permanent auto-aim basically removes all skill from engagements. Whoever shoots first wins, unless you pop the overshield and/or overdrive abilities, but because either of those are so absolutely necessary, it sucks all variety out of the game.

The campaign is more varied (in solo or co-op), and in a sense it’s kind of remarkable that Crackdown 3 was released at all. The game went through three separate development studios and was delayed multiple times, so it’s nice that Microsoft stuck it out to release. And the fact that the game is available through Xbox Game Pass means plenty of people will get to give it a whirl for a very low cost investment, which is probably the best outcome for all concerned.

But what about yourselves? How did you find the campaign? Did you play solo, or in co-op, and how has the PvP experience been?


  • Got it with Xbox Game Pass and was really disappointed. It felt like Agents of Mayhem but with less personality, and somehow even less story. Terry Crews barely talked when you played as him.

  • Picked up Game Pass for $2 to try it, loved the original two and it’s much of the same, finished the campaign over a weekend in coop then went back single for mop up of achievements. Really enjoyed it with a friend, I was quite impressed with 4k HDR all the neon looked very nice but there was a few frame rate issues when there was too much happening on screen but only experienced this happen maybe twice. If you liked 1 and 2 you should like 3.

  • I grabbed it on game pass and wasn’t expecting much but wound up having a lot of fun with it.

    I was concerned you’d wind up turning against the agency and you’d join the rebels but instead they did nothing with it. I’d really like to see some verhoeven style Starship Troopers stuff applied to the Agency, they’re meant to be evil but that aspect of Crackdown has just been forgotten.

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