Now Here’s A Cool Prototype

Now Here’s A Cool Prototype

Prototypes aren’t usually something to get excited about, and we often only see them after a project has been cancelled (or when one shows up at E3). But a small group of indie developers have popped some footage of their project on YouTube, and hot damn is it a nice pitch.

At the moment, the prototype is called Towers. It’s very much a living environment in a neolithic fantasy world, showcasing players running away from giant beasts, petting beasts, hunting, flying with handmade gliders, roaming around colourful lands, and just generally exploring.

Again, all of this is just a prototype built by six people over the course of a year. But imagine taking this as a pitch to a publisher or even saying to your friends, “Hey, look at what we put together, do you think this could be interesting.”

I’d totally go some kind of MMO or larger action-RPG with this sort of vibe. There’s not much more info on the official website, but it’d be fascinating to see this idea spun out a lot further.


  • Seems alright. Giving a strong survival/sandbox game feel but I was thinking “where’s the conflict? This will get boring fast”….and then I hit the last third of the video.

    It has potential but nothing to get excited about…that road leads to disappointment.

  • Getting some Breath of the Wild x ARK x Shadow of the Colossus vibes, with a little bit of Inside and Death Stranding to boot

  • Looks like the weakest link was their enemies and combat, the world looks nice and aesthetics look good for the setting but combat look shoehorned on at the end.

  • Is it actually a prototype or just a highlight reel or pitch video? There’s some gamey looking stuff in there but hard to pin down exactly what the game is without making a lot of assumptions

  • Interesting. Would be great as a new “Black and White” (Lionhead Studios)… Always loved those games and nothing since has captured that same vibe.

  • It seems to have brought an unwanted kind of attention as the YouTube account has been closed and videos were erased.

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