Aliens vs Predator 2000 was indeed the last ScribbleTaku, so well done telkoth.

Let's see how you all go with today's game!

(Also: apologies for the slight delay. It'll happen sometimes when I'm stuck knocking out the larger pieces.)

Good luck!


    That has to be battletech or mechwarrior 2.

    Last edited 04/03/19 2:50 pm

    Well I think it is from Mechwarrior 4
    and I think it is a Vulture Mech

    Last edited 04/03/19 2:52 pm

    Wait, the outline looks like a Mad Dog, and they aren't in the current BattleTech game due to the wrong timeline, so I'm changing my answer to MechWarrior Online.

    Last edited 04/03/19 3:16 pm

    My guess is Mech Warrior 2 Ghost Bear’s Legacy expansion

    Could be a wireframe from one of the MechCommander games...

    But, I think it's MechWarrior 2

    The only thing I can hear in my head when looking at that "Get away from her, you bitch!"

    Pretty sure that's a Vulture status icon from Mech Commander 2.

    It's a Mad Dog Battlemech from the Mechwarrior/Battletech universe. This drawing looks very similar to the ones in the Mechwarrior 2 video game handbook.

    The Mad Dog is 60 tonne Clan Heavy mech. Though Mad Dog is its real name, most Inner Sphere inhabitants called it the Vulture.

    Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat. The mech pictured has to be a Mad Dog!

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