The Original Warcraft Games Are On GOG Now

The Original Warcraft Games Are On GOG Now
Image: Blizzard/GOG

First Diablo, and now the original Warcraft games have made their way to GOG. I wonder if Warcraft 3: Reforged will end up there at this rate.

Blizzard and GOG announced the partnership this morning, with Warcraft 1 and 2 releasing on the DRM-free marketplace for $8.99 and $13.99 respectively, or in a bundle for $21.99.

Warcraft 2 specifically, like Diablo, comes in two versions: an original mode featuring multiplayer that runs through Blizzard’s servers, and an updated mode that supports LAN and higher resolution displays (but isn’t a full remaster). Warcraft 2 also has the full campaign from Beyond The Dark Portal, so even if you’re just enjoying the singleplayer experience, that’s still 52 levels to grind through across the Human and Orc campaigns.

It’s worth noting that, of the two games, Warcraft 2 probably holds up better. A version was released for Windows, whereas Warcraft 1 runs through DOSBox. (It does run just fine on the latest Windows 10 build, mind you.) And both games are still worth playing through for a grounding in Warcraft, particularly ahead of the Warcraft 3 remastered that’s due out later this year.

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More details on the original Warcraft can be found here, and here’s the listing for Warcraft 2. It’s worth noting that neither version is playable on Mac at this stage, even though the original games – and most of Blizzard’s catalogue – always released with simultaneous Mac support. Sorry Apple fans.


    • My brothers and I used the map editor extensively, creating interesting new scenarios for each other to play.

      So. Many. Hours.

      • We used to string a network cable between two computers and AOE was smart enough to make it work. We’d team up against huge AI teams.

    • Maybe… but to release it DRM free with another partner without over integrating it to their launcher ecosystem seemed an odd direction for Activision.

      Was the sales of the Remastered Warcraft 3 that bad? Or were they sick of everyone biying it with WoW Gold!

      • A couple points;

        They’d have to do a major rework to integrate it into the launcher so why not just take the easy route via GoG.

        Buying games with WoW gold actually makes them MORE money than buying it with cash. You can’t *just* buy a game with gold you need to buy tokens to convert into “blizzard bucks” which can then be used to buy games. And you can’t buy a token for gold without someone first buying a token with real money and then putting the token up for sale. And a token costs more to buy with real money than the amount of “blizzard bucks” it ultimately generates. So yeah, it’s all a money making machine for Blizzard no matter which way you slice it.

        On a different note, $22 for two games that I already own? I think I’ll wait for a special or just not bother.

    • Actually, this is something that fans have been crying out for for some time now. I tried to buy Diablo 1 a few years back because my most recent rig didn’t have an optical drive so I couldn’t use my original CD anymore. I didn’t want to pirate, so I tried to find a copy… and nothing. I even chatted with a Blizzard support employee, who told me to pirate it.

      The fact that they let GOG do this is pretty cool; the could have easily forced people to play it only through their own platform.

      • You could always find someone with an optical drive and image the CD to an ISO file. Then install something like Daemon tools on your PC to create a virtual CD drive and mount the ISO on it. Voila working legal Diablo.

  • Played the crap out of Warcraft 2 on my old Centris 660av in high school. I loved that the CD had both the Mac and PC versions on the one disc.

    Really hope the GOG version adds Mac support soon.

  • Only question I have is have they fixed Warcraft 2 to run on modern systems? When I use my original CD and install it I find when I scroll on the screen I move at lightning speed so I have to click on the map where I want to go to. Becomes tedious.

  • Still better games than Warcraft 3, in my humble opinion. The classic RTS model of 1 and 2, vs the RPG-lite of 3, is still some of the best memories of my childhood.

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