That’s One Way To Announce A Mobile Forza Game [Updated]

That’s One Way To Announce A Mobile Forza Game [Updated]
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Beware what you put in a URL. A slip up from Forza developers appears to have exposed an upcoming Forza release, one that’s supposedly targeted at mobiles.

It seemed fairly innocuous. The Forza community manager was highlighting the results of the Forza 7 Canadian Challenge, linking to an article on GTPlanet recapping the tournament.

There was just one problem. Instead of actually linking to the page on GTPlanet, the author must have accidentally dragged over a link from somewhere else on his desktop – because the broken URL made its way through to the original version of the post. GTPlanet spotted the slip-up, and the broken URL was cached by Google as well:

That’s One Way To Announce A Mobile Forza Game [Updated]Oh dear…
That’s One Way To Announce A Mobile Forza Game [Updated]A list of all hyperlinks on the cached page, via the Link Grabber Chrome Extension.

Kotaku Australia has contacted Microsoft’s local team for comment. GTPlanet asked Turn 10 for comment or clarification on the original leak, but they hadn’t heard back from them, either. The site also noted that the Forza developers have spoken publicly about being “given this great gift of time”, which was taken to mean that there might not be a new Forza this year.

Obviously, a new Forza is in the works. Probably not the one everyone expected. That said, Forza Horizon 4 is still real good, so everyone can probably sit tight for a while.

Update 5/3: Microsoft replied with a statement this morning saying, “We have nothing to announce at this time.”


    • Looks like one of those filenames that Word automatically generates from the first line in a document. They can get a little crazy if you start with a paragraph rather than a header.

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