12 Minutes From Annapurna’s Wild Music Game

12 Minutes From Annapurna’s Wild Music Game

Originally unveiled during The Game Awards last year, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a neon-lit rhythm game with a definite sense of style.

It’s one of those games that’s genuinely better experienced than explained. Anyone who’s photosensitive probably should steer clear – there’s a solid amount of flashing throughout. But for everyone else, Sayonara Wild Hearts is … undoubtedly different. There’s parts where you’re skateboarding, fighting segments, a section where you fall from the sky onto a motorbike, and racing through city streets.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is out on the Switch later this year.


  • I watched eight and a half minutes. I have a few concerns. It looks like it relies a lot of memorization and trial and error. There is a small amount of that in most rhythm games but it looks like this ramps it right up.
    in the more surreal areas, during the turns, do you have control? Are you supposed to just let it go? I feel this could become frustrating quite quickly if it’s done wrong.
    It’s hard to do something new with rhythm games as generally they are trapped with scrolling, or minimizing circles. Doing other things confuses people and can become infuriating.
    It looks interesting, and I would like to play it, but yeah, I have concerns

    • It seems to jump around too much, and too quickly. It doesn’t seem to let the player build up an actual rhythm (as you’d expect from a rhythm game), but instead feels like it’s trying to actively stop the player from doing that by changing camera angles or modes every 10 seconds.

      It also didn’t feel like there was much connection between the pickups/obstacles and the music, which seems like it should be another integral part of rhythm games, but I’ve only played a dozen of them before so maybe that’s just me.

      • I’ve played heaps. I really enjoy them. However, if it’s out of sync, it becomes incredibly frustrating. Unless I can play it myself, I won’t know if my fears are unfounded.

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