Beneath A Steel Sky Is Getting A Sequel

One of the classic point-and-click adventures from the early ’90s, Beneath A Steel Sky‘s dystopian cyberpunk world is back with a 3D-based sequel is due out later this year.

The game was already teased during Apple’s Arcade announcement, although the implications of Apple’s subscriber service along with all the other news of late has meant it’s been buried somewhat. But Beneath A Steel Sky is a genuine classic, and there aren’t many games that get a sequel after 25 years.

Titled Beyond A Steel Sky, the sequel is a vastly different visual experience. It’s a third-person 3D experience, with Adventure Games noting that protagonist Robert Foster is making a return. The hook is that the world is controlled and manipulated by AI-powered social parameters, with the in-game world reacting and responding to the player’s actions.

Beyond A Steel Sky will have more modern point-and-click mechanics, not too dissimilar from what other narrative adventures like Life is Strange and The Walking Dead rely on. Players also won’t require any prior grounding with Beneath A Steel Sky, which is customary given the games are 25 years apart.

Beneath A Steel Sky is due out later this year on consoles, PC and iOS – and, given the recent launch video, through the Apple Arcade as well.


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