This Week In Games: Press X To Quack

This Week In Games: Press X To Quack

We’re not into May proper, and the biggest titles for April have come and gone. But the month still has a little bit left in the tank, including one crucially important, feathered addition to the Switch.

Duck Game drops on Nintendo’s platform this week, which is an insta-purchase as far as I’m concerned. There’s also a new submarine sim in UBOAT, and a medieval battle slasher that fans of Chivalry and Mount & Blade might enjoy. There’s even siege weapons.

As far as big names, Final Fantasy XII dropping on the Xbox and Switch is probably the biggest kid on the block. Here’s This Week In Games.

  • Crashbots (Switch, XBO)
  • Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse (Switch)
  • Duck Game (Switch)
  • Final Fantasy XII (Switch, XBO)
  • Giga Wrecker Alt (Switch)
  • Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut (Switch)
  • Hexa Gravity (Switch)
  • VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (Switch)
  • Black Paradox (PC, Switch)
  • Gyro Boss DX (Switch)
  • Truberbrook (Switch)
  • The Town of Light: Deluxe (Switch)
  • Bomber Crew (PS4)
  • Darkest Hunters (Switch)
  • Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark (XBO)
  • SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (XBO)
  • Epitasis (PC)
  • DOOM (no, not that DOOM, PC)
  • UBOAT (PC)
  • Mordhau (PC)
  • Guard Duty (PC)


Duck Game is still great. VA-11 Hall-A is a neat addition to the Switch’s roster of narrative adventures as well, although definitely something you’ll want to be playing with sound.

What are you looking forward to playing this week?


  • Is Bomber Crew a mistake? I bought that on PS4 months ago. I assume it must be coming out on some other platform this week?

  • I picked up Swords of Ditto on PS4 last year and I really enjoyed it. Looks like the Mormos Curse DLC will be free on PS4 though so I’m not sure I can justify double dipping on it.

    But I may double dip on duck game.

  • Va-11 Hall-A on Switch is something I’ve been hanging out for over the last year of sliding release dates. Just the best bedtime game.

    • If by bedtime you mean ‘I can stay up past my bedtime for at least another night at the bar. Sleep is for the weak!’

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