Cooler Master Is Driving A LAN Truck Around Europe

Cooler Master Is Driving A LAN Truck Around Europe
Image: Facebook (Cooler Master)

Toot toot, the Quakemobile is here.

It’s not actually a Quake bus, but it is a giant purple semi-trailer filled with consoles and games. Called the MasterRide, the peripheral maker will be driving a giant LAN truck filled with gaming chairs, racing wheels, mechanical keyboards, monitors (one below and and one above for spectators), and PC cases mounted from the walls.

All images: Facebook (Cooler Master)

Sadly, the LAN Truck will not be making its way around Australia or New Zealand. It’ll be stopping by major events around Europe–Dreamhack seems like a given, being the largest LAN events in the world–so there’s a good chance you might see it tooting down the Autobahn.

Loving the dedication to F1 2019, but I wonder how much cheaper–and how viable–a LAN truck would be if you stripped out all the racing seats to make this work in Australia. Can we get some UT99 Instagib going? A rolling Mario Party semi along the Princes Highway? A long Counter-Strike party would be neat.


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