Australia's Attorney General Just Got An X-Wing Tattoo

The true symbol of the Rebels: the naked post-tat side of Australia's attorney general. Image: Twitter (Christian Porter)

The Star Wars tattoo is part of honouring a pre-election promise, apparently.

Christian Porter, Star Wars and tatts are not three things that would generally be a part of my thought process, or any sentence I would ordinarily write. And yet, here we are with Australia's attorney general getting an X-Wing — a nice looking X-Wing, to be frank — inked across his back.

It's the first thing Porter has tweeted since the election. So why go through with it? "A symbol of prevailing against the adversity of what appear to be overwhelming odds."

I'd argue the poor buggers trying to deal with Centrelink's broken robodebt system are the ones facing overwhelming odds. And there's not much natural synergy between the Federal Government or the Rebels. But each to their own.


    Surely he is part of the Empire though?

      No-one is the villain in their own mind. What we see isn't what he sees.

      Yep, should have been a Tie Fighter. Or something from the Vogon Constructor Fleet.

      Hey... it's his achievement, not yours.

      Well the X-Wing was originally designed for the empire...

    Good to see the government spending our tax dollars properly.

    This is more of Porter than I ever needed to see.

    Still not gonna forgive him for robodebt, though.

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