Cuphead Is Getting *Checks Notes* A Tesla Port

Elon Musk has already indicated that the Tesla can act like one giant gaming device, so of course it’s a natural fit for … Cuphead.

The eccentric SpaceX and Tesla founder revealed to IGN that Tesla has been working with Studio MDHR to make the ’20s-styled platformer playable on the Model X, Model S and Tesla Model 3. And the game is playable, but it’ll only be the first level of the game due to the Tesla’s lack of storage.

Musk is a huge gamer — he’s spoken of his affinity for Overwatch before and adding Atari games to the Tesla — so it’s not a huge surprise that he’d try and find a way to add something he likes into the Tesla fleet.

For obvious reasons, you can’t play Cuphead with the Tesla’s touchscreen controls. It’s playable with a wired USB controller though, and Studio MDHR told IGN that the only requirements they were given for the Tesla port was that the frame rate “has to play super, super clean” and that the controls were precise.

Cuphead should be playable in the aforementioned Tesla cars later this winter. Musk has spoken previously about getting Unity playable on the Tesla, which should open the door for a whole range of indies — hell, maybe a Tesla store? — to be playable on the electric vehicles.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Tesla Is Adding Classic Atari Games To Their Cars” excerpt=”This is a Tesla Model S. It’s also a giant controller for playing classic Atari games, apparently.”]


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