Fallout Shelter Is Coming To A Tesla Near You

Fallout Shelter. Available now on iOS, Android, PC, Switch and, soon, your Tesla.

The eccentric billionaire announced at E3 that Tesla’s cars would be getting Fallout Shelter. It was part of a scheduled chat with Bethesda’s Todd Howard — the two met and became friends after Howard purchased a Tesla several years ago — and comes after Tesla announced that Cuphead, the fiendishly difficult ’20s-styled platformer, would be getting a Tesla port of its own.

“We are working on Fallout Shelter for cars, it’ll be free, you’ll have your little dwellers on the screen … it’s a great starting point,” Howard said during the 45 minute chat. Musk confirmed that you’ll have to be parked — “The fun police make us park the car,” he quipped — but he added that the Tesla browser will also allow users to watch Netflix or YouTube through the Tesla dashboard.

“What can we do to make the car the most fun possible,” Musk added, saying that features and side additions like these give Tesla vehicles a point of difference in the market. “You can already play almost all the Atari games on the car, and we’ve hooked it up so you can connect an Xbox or PS4 controller so you can get pretty good feedback,” he said.

There’s no word on when Fallout Shelter will be patched into the Tesla line. “The screen wasn’t actually meant as a gameplay, so it doesn’t have that much storage,” Musk said.


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