In The Pokémon Anime, Get Ready For Ash's Crushing Defeat

In the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime, the Alola League is getting underway. There is rampant speculation that this time, Ash is going to win. But don’t get your hopes up. It’s Ash after all.

As teased in the most recent episode, the Alola League champ gets to battle the Masked Royal:

The theory is based on the anime’s opening credit sequence:

It can be hard to make out, but you can see Pikachu (kinda), the Masked Royal and Incineroar in this screenshot.

Screenshot: Pokemon

Since the winner gets to battle the Masked Royal and Incineroar in an exhibition match, the assumption is that Pikachu (and Ash) won.

As Hachima points out, we already know via the official Pokémon variety show Pokénichi, that Ash is apparently competing in the Alola League.

Screenshot: Pokemon

And Ash previously travelled back in time to talk to a young 5-year-old Professor Kukui, who went on to battle under the name the Masked Royal and found the Alola League.

Screenshot: Pokemon

In that episode, Ash defeated the young Professor Kukui, later telling him there’s a chance they can battle again one day.

Does this mean that Ash will actually win the Alola League? Or, as in Pokémon XYZ, will Ash once again be the biggest loser?


    The anime always makes him out to be such a shit trainer

    I see the Inciniroar in that screenshot, and I do kinda see a Pikachu, but how can that be the Masked Royal when Prof. Kukui is watching the battle from on high?
    My point being: The credits sequence is meaningless

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