More Gameplay From That Cute Sugar Glider Game

Remember AWAY, that game about being a little woodland creature just trying to find their way through the forest? It was announced during Sony's May showcase, and as of this morning it's got a release date. To go with that, there's also some fresh footage of what life's like for a sugar glider.

The critter/wildlife simulator has a launch window of Q1 2020, and to coincide with the news (and a Kickstarter for completion funds, which is just shy of its goal already), the former Far Cry / Assassin's Creed developers have published some extra gameplay footage.

In the gameplay, you'll et more of a glimpse of the game's environments, what you can glide your way through, some of the dodging and traversal mechanics, what other creatures you can inhabit (rats, frogs, crabs, spiders, a preying mantis, some lizard looking thing) and how the gameplay functions.

I'm still waiting to see what the general gameplay loop is — is it your job to survive the wilderness? Switch from creature to creature to ensure everyone gets enough food to survive the day? Complete enough quests so you can gradually move your way up the food chain controlling larger and larger creatures? AWAY hasn't answered that yet. But games don't always have to have grand stories or overarching plots; sometimes all you need is pure chill.

It'll be interesting to see how AWAY, which launches on PC and PS4 Q1 next year (the Kickstarter campaign is saying February 2020), turns out. More details can be found on the Steam page and the Kickstarter campaign.


    The description on the website makes me think it's focused mostly on the glider getting from one place to the next.
    Perhaps changing animals is about using them to remove obstacles and/or distracting predators to eventually get the glider through the world.

    It does look kinda interesting though.

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