Here’s Our First Look At Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay

Here’s Our First Look At Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay

EA revealed the first look at gameplay from the upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order at their EA Play 2019 event today.

The new Star Wars game is being developed by Respawn, the studio behind the popular Apex Legends. Fallen Order is about a former Jedi who is hiding after the Jedi Purge seen in Episode III. But after he is revealed to be a Jedi, he goes on the run.

In the gameplay footage, we see Cal Kestis on the planet Kashyyyk, which is the homeworld of the Wookiees. In the gameplay demo, we see the former Jedi padawan working with Saw Gerrera, a rebel and character seen in the Star Wars film, Rogue One.

Cal Kestis is seen using multiple force powers, including the ability to slow down time and throw his lightsaber towards enemies. He even uses his power to grab a vine and swing across a large gap.

A small detail revealed during the EA Play stream is that Cal’s droid friend BD-1 is voiced by Ben Burtt, the sound designer behind the Star Wars films and helped create many of the iconic sounds like the sound of a lightsaber. 

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order releases on November 15, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


    • I agree that Anthem has permanently ruined any ability to be hyped by a game trailer from EA, especially at E3, but I’d say the one major difference is that this is Respawn who have already shown with Apex that they’re able to tell EA to go away and let them make a good game on their own terms. This is unlikely to be going through the same backstage hell anthem was of not having anyone in charge with vision while everyone is working in an engine that hated them for not being an FPS.

  • How can the droid by voiced by Ben Burtt, is he beatboxing. Unless they meant “voiced” not voiced.

    • Nah the is an incredibly bland Uncharted copy without the charming writing & stunning action set pieces. EA continues to baffle me with their decisions.

      They brought over the head writer & creative director of the Uncharted series Anna Hennig to make such a game, but ended up cancelling it in 2017 to focus on Online Multiplayer games because they believed there was no money in story-driven single player games anymore.
      She ended up leaving EA in 2018 to start a small VR company. Then Battlefront 2 came out and did a lot worse than they expected it do. And then the huge sale numbers & numerous awards for three story-driven games (God of War, Spider-Man & Red Dead Redemption 2) made EA re-think their whole strategy.

      Now they’ve gone back to their original idea minus the talented writer/director they brought over in the first place. And the game looks exactly like I expected it to. Uncharted Lite with gorgeous graphics.

  • my one complaint from this trailer is the lack of dismemberment. most of those troopers should of lost their arms and one should of litterally been cut in half

  • By all that is holy, Disney, just take the franchise back already!!

    Who gives the shooter game to Bioware with all its adventure RPG and Star Wars experience and then the adventure game to Respawn with all its shooter experience.

  • It looks a bit clunky if I’m honest, I feel like it should’ve been super smooth to play and watch but it just feels a bit… dull?

  • The bar is set pretty low for Star Wars games; hell, just getting one released would be a major improvement. Bonus points if the work of releasing it doesn’t actually drive the studio into the ground.

    But mediocre parkour interspersed with identical looking boss fights? Meh. It’s not compelling. It’s pretty, and the music is good, but really, it’s just another brown-haired fighter dude going through familiar motions, so far.

  • Corridors, clunky animations and press button to win. Throwing your lightsaber at storm troopers will be fun for an hour or so at least.

  • I’m still interested, but a little less so now that I know it’s gonna be this generic style I guess. I don’t honestly know what I was expecting when I consider what it was announced as.

    Realistically, I’d like to see some chances taken, some Dark Forces style chances, give us another game like Tie Fighter maybe, a simulation on the Empire or First Order’s side. Perhaps give us a remake of the original KOTOR 1 and 2? A surprise KOTOR 3? Maybe a whole new era and rpg? I dunno, just *something* that doesn’t scream ‘been there done that’…

  • Not sold on this at all, great sound design but otherwise bland and oddly janky. Hopefully it’s an early build, I trust Respawn but EA suck balls.

  • People that say X studio are good at Y genre should stick with Y genre don’t know squat. Some game studios start feeling creatively bland if they make the same thing over and over again. Kudos for them if they wanna try their hand at a different genre, maybe the first few games are a failure but if they learn from their mistakes it’s becomes a learning experience. Though at the same time I wouldn’t go a big name title for my first foray into a genre.

  • They only showed off the boring parts, I think what we all really want to see is the in game currency we can buy and which tier represents the best value!

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