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  • Keen on getting the group’s opinion on this one, brieflty:

    I have a PS4 which is my primary gaming device. I have created child accounts and let my kids play Minecraft on it from time to time. I have also let them play Fortnite’s creative mode on it, via my account.

    During the recent school holidays I get an email at work from Playstation saying “thanks for your purchase of Fortnite Save The World for $59.95”. Rung home; Mum had said 7 yo could play Minecraft, but he instead tried to play Fortnite creative mode, and bought Save The World without appreciating it was a real money transaction. She kicked him off the Playstation and I rang them to explain what had happened.

    Playstation initially said they could see the game hadn’t been played and I could expect a refund in a few days. Hadn’t herd anything back after a week so rang them again; “still investigating”. Finally got an email response saying they wouldn’t refund, roughly because:
    1 – I’m responsible for who uses my PS4,
    2 – I should have secured my account with a passcode,
    3 – Because it is a digital purchase there is nothing to return for the refund.

    I have a pretty strong opinion about the above, but want to see what others think as a bit of a sanity check; fair cop from playstation, or are they being unfair?



    • Yes, you should secure your console, but you’re not asking anything unreasonable and it’s well within their powers to resolve the situation in a way that leaves everyone happy.

      Get PayPal/your credit card provider onto it. A lot of people don’t realise it but PayPal is absurdly unbalanced in favour of the purchaser. Back when PayPal launched there was zero confidence in online transactions so they made sure the resolutions leaned heavily towards the person spending money. As much as their policies have been updated over the years they still tend towards keeping customers happy. Odds are they’d look at a dispute and figure that since no physical product was shipped the best resolution is to simply reverse the transaction.

      • Thanks for those tips. I did mark the transaction as unauthorised with paypal, but their response was that I had pre-approved playstation so it couldn’t be unauthorised. I’ll try contacting them again with some more details.

        As for my credit card company, they said they would have been happy to help if I contacted them whilst the transaction was still pending, but that now the vendor had received their payment they couldn’t do anything, because it was a family member who had made the transaction. Of course, if playstation hadn’t initially indicated that a refund wouldn’t be a problem, I would have contacted my credit card company that day!

      • Be careful with this option, I had a friend (and this was years ago so apologies in advance for half remembered details) who got into a dispute with Sony after requesting a refund for something on PS4. Sony were being difficult so he had the transaction cancelled via PayPal or his credit card company and Sony suspended his account. I’m not sure for how long, like I said, this was years ago. So make sure you exhaust all other options first or risk retribution.

    • Listen to all the great advice here. Once they have your money, they will do whatever they can to keep it. They know the rules better than you, and play this game daily. You have rights, but they arent necessarily obligated to verbally tell you them, they just need to have them somewhere in their terms and conditions, which as per astrogirls post they do.

      They also know that telling you one thing at the start, then having a delay before you realise they havent followed through, makes it that much tougher to reverse through the banks and the like, as you’ve found out. But out of all that, you still have protections.

      Stick with it, or just accept it as a loss and move on, its a lesson either way. But given their advice at the beginning, I’d be chasing it up wherever you can. Try ACCC as well, they may have some advice that could help.

      • Thanks for that. I definitely have learnt a lesson, but at the same time I think I’ll stick with it as well, because their initial advice and their own policy seems quite different to what they are telling me now. I’ll ask for some advice from the ACCC like you suggest as well.

        I’m pretty disappointed by this experience to be honest. I feel silly, but my love of gaming had kinda bled over into a love of the company, and this has been a big wake up call as to how they view me as a customer.

        • Good to see you got what I think is the proper outcome. For me, I think the shame is that it had to go this far to get it. Other services dont make it near as hard, so to me at least to see this happen represents a big step backwards.

          Sony should be better than that regardless.

    • I’ve had a few issues with xbox live gold and needed refunds. They didn’t argue, just refunded me. The fact that you have to go through all this is bull.

      • It’s interesting that you should mention Xbox, because this incident has made me start to consider other gaming options. I’m really intrigued by Microsoft’s game pass, as I do like to try lots of different games. However, i probably wouldn’t make any changes until the next generation of consoles at this point (unless there are some amazing XB1 deals around the corner!).

        • I enjoyed xbox game pass s much that I bought 6 months worth. Unfortunately after 3 months in, I hurt my wrist. I had just started playing again and I had a massive anxiety attack, from which I am still recovering. I haven’t gone back, mainly because my switch is a lot easier

          • Hoestly, not being tethered to a TV just makes it a lot easier. My Mother tends to use my PC a lot and also the TV =P So I miss out

    • Like someone else here said I have had two refunds from Xbox with no problem.

      First was Hitman dlc that I purchased incorrectly, the second was more recent it was surviving mars dlc which was part of the season pass but got buggered up somehow.

      Microsoft refund policy Is a lot harder now, you could just call them originally.

      I had a few incidents were I bought a series (Walking Dead) and when the new episode came out it wouldn’t let me watch it without paying again, 2 min phone call and it got resolved bought the episode individualy and got a refund in seconds back to my account while still being able to watch the show.

      Now you need to submit a ticket with a whole lot of extra details instead of just calling or using chat, info that they used to be able to see on your account from there end.

      I think they outsourced support and the people on the other end can’t access your details.

      • Outsourcing support is a worrying trend. I wonder if the people handling my ticket at playstation are in-house or external agency?

  • You could try to escalate the ticket see what happens, if you make more noise the might refund you to keep you happy.

  • @alexwalker with how this TAY’s gone so far, maybe its time for a repost of the buyers rights article that pops up every so often 🙂 At least, I think I’ve seen one pop up a couple of times. Might have been another site… Either way, it seems to have a little interest to some right now.

  • Hi friends!

    Apologies, but I can’t seem to tag more than one person, so hopefully everyone who helped me so much with good advice will see the below.

    I asked PlayStation to escalate my complaint, and I used the advice you provided to rebut their position. This was their response:

    “Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for getting in touch with PlayStation.

    I have looked into your request to refund a recent purchase.

    Upon review, I have refunded this purchase back to your Sony Entertainment Network account wallet. These funds are now available for use.

    I hope this helps, but if you need anything else, please let us know.


    Management Team

    PlayStation Support Centre”

      • Well it did take 2 phone calls and 3 emails, and comes a month after the initial request for a refund, so I don’t think we should give them too high a score for promptness. It might seem quick because I didn’t seek advice from the good people of Kotaku/ TAY until I had run out of ideas.

        • I mean quick as soon as you escalated it. And I’m hoping you name dropped the ACCC or at least their own policy?

  • The new Ryzen announcements look really good, I’ve been holding off replacing my workstation, I was hoping for a 16 core, but the 12 core looks like really good value. Hope they make enough of them!

  • Just out of curiosity, what is people’s favourite Mario music?
    There are a lot of them, but I think my favourite is Dwlfino plaza.

    If you haven’t played a super Mario game, then what’s your favourite vidya game music?

  • Anyone know what spread of streaming services I should have these days?

    I have Funimation & Animelab, with both getting a workout atm, but am finding I’m running out of content. I much prefer dubs over subs. Should I look at getting a Crunchyroll or Hidive sub?

    • I use crunchy roll but I use my friends account. Been enjoying the rising of shield hero, occult civil servants, gegege no kitaro and demon slayer.

  • FYI if you popped up some comments today, they might have disappeared – we’ve been going through a huge database migration, and it’s been a little weird.

    Should be mostly resolved now, but ping me if there’s any particular issues.

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