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    Hey guys.
    Looking at planning PAX meat. Let me know if you are coming to PAX, will be around during PAX and if interested

      Hi. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. :)

      Yes we will need to do SOMETHING.

      Thanks for taking it from me. I've been too sick most of this year to even consider sorting it out

      Why not, I remember considering it years ago, but flaked.

        Monster. We played Jackbox on a cinema screen last year

          I think the first and second year there was a meeting and I skipped because I had a ball and chain that was a real pain in the butt.

            There's been one every year. Second year was the one to skip though.

    Adventures in backlog update: Diddy Kong Racing has been officially beaten (I don't have the patience to play through adventure 2 or unlock T.T). Along with a playthrough of IMSCARED, my total number of completed games this year is now 15.

    My current playing list involves: Breath of the Wild, No Man's Sky, Kingdom Hearts and Danganronpa 2. Since everything I'm playing is a bit up there in play hours, I don't expect to reach number 16 for a while.

      I'm working through Just Cause 3 myself. I trailed off and left it unfinished when it came out, but it's great fun going back to it now (with a new playthrough, of course). Especially what with Just Cause 4 announced, gotta make sure I'm up to date.

      >I don't have the patience to play through adventure 2 or unlock T.T
      Guess it hasn't officially been beaten. ;)

      Adventure 2 was mirror mode, right? I remember beating that (and getting T.T) as a wee lad.
      Years later, I couldn't even beat Wizpig, so I did it at the right time I think.

        Not going to lie, I save scammed my way through Wiz Pig, even as a kid, I couldn't get close to finishing that game. After having the game for 20 years, I cut myself some slack.

    Reviews for Dead Cells look amazing... I need to read up more on this.

    The Just Cause series is one that I really want to, but just haven't clicked with yet. I played a few hours of the second one, and the destruction mechanics were really fun, but I didn't
    Connect with it narratively, so I put it down pretty quickly. I might pick up a title on PC next time I see it on deep discount.

      Just Cause is basically an 80s action movie put to video game. If you approach it from that mindset it's an amazingly fun experience.

      There's nothing quite as satisfying as destroying a flying helicopter by tethering a jeep to it.

    Not surprised Ign fired Filip, it was such a dodgy review with not only plagiarism, but also misinformation. Feels bad because I liked him, but he dropped the ball pretty hard.

    So, I bought Picross S2 last fortnight and I've almost finished it already. Except I'm not bothering with Mega picross cause I hate it.

    As usual, I have done some reading but it never hurts to ask here as well.

    With the new nVidia cards on the horizon, I'm thinking of a small tweak to my own system. I'm no professional gamer but I do like to tinker from time to time.

    I currently have the following in my system:
    * 16 GB of DDR4 RAM
    * A GTX1070 8GB as my GPU
    * A GTX960 2GB as a PhysX card

    I'm honestly thinking of another GTX1070 8GB to do some SLi.

    Thing is, do I also need to upgrade the RAM?

    I don't know if this is old medicine now but I still go by the rule that GPU RAM gets mapped to PC RAM thus one needs to have at least 4 GB on top of the combined GPU RAM.

    While yes I know I probably could get a GTX 1080 now, but to keep the variables down, I'd like to gauge if SLi for me now is even possible given my RAM.

    Thanks in advance.

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