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Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves: the friendliest community on the web. Talk about the recent sports-ball grand final (either of them, it's cool). Or share a few, strained paragraphs from your Bowsette fanfic. Alternatively, there's always Fortnite. Because well, there's always Fortnite. Whatever's on your mind, share it here, as long as it has nothing to do with pineapple on pizza, otherwise known as the "Devil's Crust".


    Sometimes I wish I wasn't so invested in sports. This weekend was f**king brutal for my emotional wellbeing. Both results went against me. But hey, at least Bernard Tomic won in Chengdu...scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything I can get right now...FML

      AFL grand final was epic. I had a preference for WCE (Essendon fan so we were long out of it), I was absolutely absorbed right to the end. NRL was meh for me as I was not interested in either side, ESFC deserved winners on the day. Maybe give the women’s T20 a look? I quite enjoyed that and North Sydney oval looked a peach.

        Sad Collingwood fan here... Robbed!
        I was hoping kotaku would grab an old Afl game and make the Ai play against each other to predict the grand final winner.

    Is it okay if I drop a link to my youtube channel in here? Check it out if you want:

    I started it about a year ago now, basically as a response because some of my written work published on other sites had been ripped off by a couple of youtubers and turned into videos without my consent. So I figured it was time to start doing my own video content. I only update it once a month or so currently but I aim for quality rather than quantity of videos. Currently I have some top 10 lists and in-depth analysis videos but I have plans to expand out into more gaming related content as the channel grows.

    Hope some of you enjoy it!

    So after my issues with my Logitech g933's I purchased a gen 3 Astro A50 set and today was the day I returned a $500 pair of headphones.

    I have never owned a pair of headphones that were so bad outside of making noise. They had so many design flaws it was a joke;
    -Headphones only charge if you lay them on the dock microphone side first, you repeatedly have to reseat them to make sure they are actually charging.
    -If you don't sit them on the charger properly they desync from the base, causing you to have to hard reset the headphones.
    -Headphones get excessively hot when on the base, even if not charging due to being incorrectly seated.
    -Headphones experience drop outs caused by common wifi frequencies.

    Now I am off to find a new 5.1 or 7.1 wireless headphones set.

      Expensive "surround sound" headsets still seem like a con to me: you've only got two ears, and they're not doing anything a console or computer couldn't do better and cheaper.

      Some games add a binaural audio mode that probably outperforms the downmixing in expensive headphones. If a console added that feature native, it would pretty much kill the market.

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