The Commodore 64 Is Getting Re-Released This Year

The Commodore 64 Is Getting Re-Released This Year
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The official mini version of the Commodore 64 was awful. TheC64 hopes to correct that, reviving the classic computer with a full-sized keyboard, an improved micro-switch joystick, and the most important feature: the wanker’s cramp game from hell, Decathlon. What more could one want?

Shipping with 64 games, including some genuine classics (hello Summer Games 2, Speedball 2, Alleykat, California Games and Boulder Dash, THEC64 is a re-release of the classic computer with a full-size keyboard from British firm Retro Games. It’s currently only shipping directly to Germany, Italy and the UK, with an estimated release of December this year, although more retailers are yet to be announced.

Fixing the reportedly awful joystick from the C64 Mini console (which is still available in Australia), THEC64 ships with support for booting straight into the original C64 mode, VIC20 Basic or the Games Carousel UI. There’s HDMI support for 720p (50Hz or 60Hz) output to a TV, and the re-release has some new games from the C64 Mini, including the shmup Galencia, Grid Runner, Attack of the Mutan Camels, and Iridis Alpha. (Any owner of a C64 Mini, mind you, could add Galencia to their library through a firmware update.)

Users can also load their own games and files through a USB-A port. The unit runs off a 2 amp USB AC adapter, although the 1.2m USB power cable might be a bit short for most people’s needs.

No word on pricing or local availability at this stage (or what the cost of shipping to Australia would be!). But more info is available on the official website. Retro Games’ C64 Mini ended up being stocked in Australia, so there’s a chance the larger version might make its way down under. Aussies did love their C64’s and Amigas, after all.


  • I wonder why they wouldn’t release a C64 / Amiga hybrid. At this point, using a C64 emulator is probably the better option for me. I love my C64 games, but not enough to spend a couple of hundred on it.

  • As much as I might like to revisit some of these old games from my childhood, I’m not going to buy a dedicated device to play them on. I already got a SNES mini, but finding enough spare power / USB and HDMI ports for these things is just too much of a hassle, not too mention the wired controllers which is getting just a little TOO retro for me.

    Same goes for Megadrive, NeoGeo, PS1 or any other mini retro console anybody might release. Just bundle the games up into a software emulator that I can play on my existing console / PC and then maybe I’ll think about it.

  • F14 tomcat? Defender of the Crown? c’mon! And I wouldn’t mind GEOS again to submit my reports in now.

  • There are actually many people that love their c64 mini’s, including myself. You’re welcome to join TheC64 facebook group and see for yourself. Many of us would disagree with your assertion that the system is awful. As for the joystick, some are fine with it, others don’t like it and try alternate controllers. My perspective, for the price, it does the job, and there are 3rd-party options available if you prefer other style of controllers or even a wireless controller.

    As for those “but it doesn’t have this/that game” comments, the system lets you load any c64 game image you like off a USB stick, so nothing to fret over in that regard really.

    Looking forward to the full-size maxi release, wishing the team behind it all the best when it hits down-under 🙂

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