These Minecraft Wave Machines Are Extremely Satisfying To Watch

These Minecraft Wave Machines Are Extremely Satisfying To Watch
Gif: Sabinn16, <a href="">Reddit</a>

Minecraft is a game that lets players create basically anything they want, assuming that player has the time to do it. It also has Redstone, a resource that allows players to move, power and manipulate blocks in various ways. Combine this with the predictable and simple physics of Minecraft and you end up with some satisfying machines.

Over on the Minecraft subreddit, the community is making wave machines using different elements of Minecraft. For example, here’s a really cool wave machine using decorative armour stands.

ImageReddit” loading=”lazy” > Gif: Sabinn16, Reddit

This one uses minecarts and would make a great screensaver if I used still used screensavers.

ImageReddit” loading=”lazy” > Gif: Nathanie512, Reddit

Another player created one that looks like water using lapis lazuli and  reprogrammable command blocks.

A more colourful creation uses various sand blocks in different shades to create a rainbow wave. Perfect for Pride Month.

ImageReddit” loading=”lazy” > Gif: inadequatetacos, Reddit

While these machines have become popular recently, they aren’t exactly new. People have been making these types of machines for years in Minecraft. One large one was created back in 2011 using sand blocks and like the newer ones, it is very satisfying to watch.

If we ever get a Minecraft theme park, maybe we this could be an attraction? Everyone jumps into a minecart and rides the wave.

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