10 Of The Stranger Mysteries In Video Games

10 Of The Stranger Mysteries In Video Games
Image: Kotaku

Going down the rabbit hole is one of the best parts of gaming. And the internet’s pretty good at solving mysteries — mostly.

For all the crazy ARGs in the world — Trials anyone? — there’s a ton of games that have easter eggs and references that continue to stump people today. YouTuber oddheader has put together a video looking into 10 unsolved quirks of video games new and old, ranging from the bizarre code outside the level boundaries of SpongeBob: Truth of Square, Japanese voices talking about something cute in Persona 3 on a day that’s not supposed to exist, a bizarre moaning sound in Borderlands, and more.

Some of these mysteries can surely be resolved in this day and age. The Far Cry 5 radio noise surely has an answer — and people aren’t certain on what triggers the sound, which doesn’t play in every playthrough — and there has to be someone, somewhere, who knows the answer to In Cold Blood‘s hexadecimal weirdness.

If you’re interested in more obscure mysteries in video games, oddheader also has two other excellent videos, which you can view below.


  • That Borderlands one is really freaky.

    It would be interesting to find out more about that if its lefit.

  • Actually I think I can explain the Far Cry 5 one.

    When you meet the rebels/resistance of that area your given a mission to find their hidden prepper stashes and your told that the supplies have a radio beacon that might cause interference.
    The thing is your given the locations to each spot and you just have to search nearby to find the supplies so it’s not difficult and the radio beacons don’t serve much of a purpose in the end but they did cause static on car radios when near the locations.

    My theory is that originally the idea was to use the radio to track the supplies down but it was scrapped for being too difficult or just in favour of a more streamlined mission progression.
    I noticed when the first video showing the mystery was posted he hadn’t yet traveled to the area where the resistance is located and therefore hadn’t been given the mission meaning the supplies where present on the map, it also explains why some players can’t find it since they’ve already completed the mission.

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