Alien: Isolation Is Coming To The Switch This Year

Alien: Isolation Is Coming To The Switch This Year
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Who doesn’t want to potentially shit themselves on public transport while they hide in a locker?

The best Alien game of all-time might not be getting the sequel everyone wants quite yet, but at least the original is going portable. Feral Interactive, the studio responsible for porting Rome: Total War to iPads, announced that they would be bringing Alien: Isolation to the Switch via a teaser.

Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones

Alien Isolation was a big critical hit when it came out in 2014, so news of a sequel might come as welcome news to fans. Less welcome news might be the fact that said sequel is a mobile game.

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There’s not much by way of gameplay, so there’s no scenery or anything juicy to compare. The studio does note that the port will be out sometime this year, however.

It’s interesting timing, with Isolation getting a mobile sequel and the game getting a webseries spin-off earlier this year, although the latter was more a remaking of the original Isolation cut-scenes with some new animations. Still, it shows that there’s commercial intent and interest behind Alien Isolation, which gives me hope that we’ll see a proper sequel to possibly Creative Assembly’s greatest game.

The Making of Alien: Isolation

In 2010, a group of Alien fans at Creative Assembly were given the opportunity of a lifetime: making a game set in that iconic sci-fi universe, with the full blessing of franchise owner 20th Century Fox. This wasn’t some non-canon spin-off, but a legitimate part of the Alien series. The result: one of the best horror games of recent years, as well as one of the most faithful film adaptations ever made.

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  • Who doesn’t want to potentially shit themselves on public transport while they hide in a locker?

    Playing this on public transport sounds like a pretty good way to take all the scary out of it. Great game, but seriously – play it at home on a big screen in a dark room with a good sound system. Which you’ve probably already done, considering it’s nearly 5 years old.

  • They are going to need to price this well. It can be had for less than the cost of lunch these days.
    Ahhh hold up – it’s Nintendo, it’ll be AUD69-79.

    • Except that there are new features involved that increase its value and separate it from the other ports. Gyroscope aiming, HD rumble, portability, likely all DLC included..etc. You can’t sell this new port for $5. Especially if the goal is to make a profit and potentially develop a proper sequel if it sells well.

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