ColossalCon 2019, Aka Cosplay’s Great Pool Party

ColossalCon 2019, Aka Cosplay’s Great Pool Party

Once again ColossalCon looks like it was one of the biggest and best cosplay shows on the calendar, continuing its tradition of combining a regular convention with a massive pool party and outdoor nature shots.

What’s cool about the combination is that while cosplayers bring their regular costumes to the show itself, the pool allows for some creative reinterpretation of a character’s outfit, sometimes to make them more aquatic, sometimes to give us all nightmares.

Mineralblu was there taking video and photos for us, and you can see more of his work at his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, you’ll find each cosplayer’s social media handle, along with the character/series they’re cosplaying from, watermarked on each image.


  • Is cosplay just an opportunity for any girl who is between a 3/10 and a 7/10 to show some ass to the video game needs?

    • No, but I think the pictures chosen for ‘stories’ on the web often are the more sexualised ones.
      There are plenty of really cool full armour cosplay’s, some very, very cool 40s style Captain America outfits, Mechs, Halo etc etc. with some really great work put into the costumes, often with a real love of the source material, but I feel like the stuff reported on in usually 95% ‘hot babes’ with a token two or three more normal photos thrown in, to be able to say “see, we aren’t just showing the sexy stuff”. It’s a shame, as there is some really great stuff out there, and it can be a really empowering scene. Nothing wrong with being sexy if that’s your thing, but it would be nice to see a better representation of the breadth of cosplay, and also some of the ‘good’ costumes, not just the crazily professional ones.

    • No they’re allowed to show off their figure for whatever reason they want, just don’t send them dick pics, slut shame, or basically make them uncomfortable.

      Follow that and everyone’s happy.

  • I wonder how many times the lead cosplay image on the Story for Kotaku has been male, vs the amount of times it has been female.

    • Well, to be fair, female cosplayers are often much more kawaii. That said, I’m not quite sold on the Cammy cosplay shot. Peter B Parker should have trumped her for the headline.

      All in all, I’m impressed with the cosplay. Some great inventiveness and creativity on show, and a few laughs thrown in.

  • Oh my god, that Transformer. Champion of the people!
    The amount of balls to show up to a pool party as a fully armored Transformer.

    It could only be better if there was a bikini over it with a large sunhat.

  • See now ASTROTRAIN has the right idea, if you’re gonna go swimming, increase your volume by 250% and make sure it floats!

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