Have Some Final Fantasy 14 With Your Pizza

Have Some Final Fantasy 14 With Your Pizza

Dominos brought back the excellent “video games with your pizza” idea a couple of years ago with Final Fantasy 14, so it’s only right that the deal should return with the new FF14 expansion, Shadowbringers.

The deal’s slightly more expensive than last time, and you’ll want a few friends to make the pizzas worth it. The deal, which you can see here, will cost you $54 for pickup or $59.95 if delivered:

If you need that in text form, here’s those specifics again.

Shadowbringers Pizza and Gaming Bundle includes 3 x Large Domino’s Premium, Traditional or Value Pizzas, 1 x Garlic Bread, 1 x 1.5L Drink and 1 x Redemption Code for the Game being FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Complete Edition PC game download.

The promotion runs from now until July 28 or “until Redemption Codes run out”, with a maximum of 10,000 codes available. The terms and conditions do note that the offer can be extended “if in the event that additional … codes become available”, so if the deal is especially popular then it’s likely Square will make more codes available.

You’ll need a PC to redeem the code and play the game. And if you were sitting on the fence about grabbing FFXIV … this actually isn’t a half bad way to do it. A standard 3 large pizza deal with a 1.25L drink and garlic bread will set you back $36.95, so you’re only paying about another $20 to get FFXIV Complete Edition (if delivered) and less than that on pick-up.

It’s worth noting that a few users have had issues with the deal when delivered, but the support team on Twitter is pretty responsive if you need a hand. Either way, at least one major pizza brand in Australia is making use of the video games and pizza shtick. It’s not as good as the deals back in the day when you could get Need for Speed: Underground or Battlefield 1942 with two large pizzas, but hey, it’s certainly better than paying full price for FFXIV.

More info about the deal here. Also, if you need a hand getting into the game once you’ve gotten your code, here’s a primer.

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  • Just to note this is a Square Enix code, rather than a Steam or other key. Whilst I generally don’t care about the store wars (except fuck epic of course), SE online thingy is pretty archaic.

    • I wouldn’t normally advocate installing even more launchers but in the case of FFXIV. I think theatbuying from SE is much better then steam.

      the steam versions locks you to steam, if you find a cheaper version of the game’s expansion anywhere you’re screwed. at least buying from SE means you can benefit from all the sales that happens all year round… you just have to make sure you’re not getting the NA version

  • If I already have the original game and the first DLC, will I be able to use the code just to get access to the latest DLCs?

  • Ignoring any reasons to get this such as all the money going to SE, not on Steam, etc, it should be noted that its not necessarily worth the price.

    Typical deal for Dominos pizzas is 3 pizzas + 2 sides for around $35. That varies a little, some times its $34, sometimes its 4 sides (like today for Origin) for $35, and things like that, but its around that most of the time.

    So, game is costing around $25 give or take. Quick look of EB though suggests you can pick it up for a tenner. Nothing on the EB page suggests Steam either.

    So if you’re in it just for the game, it might be worth looking around. Its not an expensive game these days.

    • Couple of things: the $19 edition from EB doesn’t have the latest DLC, so you’d have to pay a separate $40 for that if you went that route.

      Also, is all the money going to the developer a bad thing? Who else should a cut of the money be going to? Dominos are already making the usual profit they do on the pizzas, so who else would be involved?

      • Also, is all the money going to the developer a bad thing?
        Not at all, was just leaving various justifications out of it. As a side to that though, how sure are you that its 100% to SE? I’d expect Domino’s to be getting a cut out of it, otherwise why would they do it? Anyway, wasnt an important thing, was more trying to get away from different justifications and get to the apparent cost.

        Given the names are the same, I thought the copies were the same, so fair point on the extra DLC. In that case, its $25 v ~$50 so makes much more sense. I missed the small but crucial difference of there being the new xpack, so was wrong. My bad.

        Under that false assumption I was pointing out that if you were just after the game, it seemed there were cheaper options – why pay $25 for something you could get for $10? The difference is more than a months subscription fee to play the game, which also goes to them.

        Guess its a lesson in paying attention to more than the name 🙂

        BTW, I was going off EB’s PC version, which is the platform you get from Domino’s. The last xpack version is showing as $9.95 (still a good price if someone wants to check it out cheap). The $19 one is the PS4 version.


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