EX-Rayted and Aanimologist both know their Rusty Lake Hotel characters well. Running with that theme, today’s character is similarly iconic.

You should have no problems picking up this game; we wrote about it a bit when it first launched, and it’s been written about today as well.

Highly recommend playing it, if you haven’t already. Unless you’re the type with a ... frustrated disposition.

Good luck! And here’s some other scribbles to whittle away your lunch break.


Props to Talicca, who picked yesterday game as a local one — Trilby: Art of Theft, one of the stealth-adventure games from Aussie author Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. Now, can you guess today's game?

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Yesterday's red cross with a syringe? It was from Days Gone, an icon showing how many bandages/medkits you had remaining. Let's see how you go with today's game!

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    Just bought and been playing it. Tough but fun!

    Bit of a weak one Alex, just putting an image of the main character...

    Alex is baba

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