Young Justice Is Coming Back For Season 4

Much like one of its newest heroes Halo, Young Justice is a series that keeps on avoiding death in part because of the people who love it so dearly. You can try to keep it down, and even cancel it, but it just keeps coming back stronger.

During the Young Justice portion of the DC Universe panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti announced that production for the fourth season is already underway to continue the story beyond Outsiders and its current plot about multiple Justice League teams playing a long game to expose the people responsible for trafficking metahumans.

The pair also revealed that an upcoming episode of Outsiders about Beast Boy’s team of young heroes harnessing the power of social media was directly inspired by the series’ fans who spent years campaigning for its return after it was canceled. Just as it seems as if the League’s beginning to really lose face in the public eye, it’s Beast Boy and his team of Outsiders, and the way they inspire people to support the team that makes them a formidable presence on the superhero landscape, and the episode really comes off like a love letter to the fandom.

There’s currently no word on when or where exactly the next instalment of Young Justice will begin airing, but we’ll keep you updated on details as we learn them.


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