DayZ Is Getting Changed Worldwide Because Of Australia

DayZ Is Getting Changed Worldwide Because Of Australia

After the surprise banning of DayZ‘s physical sale, and the Classification Board’s decision to overrule the existing MA15+ rating, one of the most popular survival games of the decade suddenly found itself removed from sale in Australia on all platforms.

That ban, however, looks like it will be lifted soon. And the reason why is because developers Bohemia Interactive have opted to take the path of least resistance, one taken by Bethesda 11 years ago.

Bohemia Interactive confirmed to Kotaku Australia late Monday evening that DayZ would be getting modified globally to comply with the Classification Board’s requirements. Bohemia could have opted to exclude Australians from DayZ‘s next major release to give themselves time to work out another solution, but in an email the studio explained that they did not want Aussie gamers to be separated from the rest of the world.

“We don’t want to separate Australian players from the rest of the world, since many people play cross-region,” the studio said. “We love that DayZ is the place to meet with friends and experience the game without dramatic regional lag. We don’t want to change that.”

At the moment, we are editing the global version of DayZ so it will fit into the Board’s requirements. The key objective is to keep the gameplay as authentic as it was, so players are not affected by this change.”

Bohemia didn’t outline precisely what changes would be made, and DayZ‘s local distributor Five Star Games declined to make the original application public when asked. (The Classification Board said they could only release the document via a Freedom of Information request, which can be a relatively slow process.)

DayZ Will Be Banned Completely In Australia

Earlier this week, news broke that the Classification Board had blocked the physical sale of survival sandbox DayZ, despite the game having been rated MA15+ multiple times through the IARC online process. Today, Kotaku Australia can reveal that not only is the Classification Board sticking to that rating, but they are also working to have the game pulled from sale digitally in Australia.

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The studio’s willingness to keep Australian gamers included, despite being struck with Australia’s unique classification guidelines, is at least one silver lining amongst all of this. But it also puts a spotlight on how long its been since the classification guidelines for video games have been changed — and the lack of nuance that was written into the guidelines to begin with.


  • Conservative Australian politicians and the Classification board must be collectively j*zzing themselves over their UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!

    • The classification board are just enforcing the rules they are given. It’s easy to blame them, but they aren’t really the ones at fault here.

      • what are the consequences if they don’t though?

        never mind i just realised the anti game crowd AKA stupid conservative boomers will go apeshit if they see some of the devils grass, or heaven forbid a titty!!!

        • It is possible to ask the board to review a classification decision, and have the original classification overturned. This is how e.g. GTA San Andreas’s original classification was changed to RC after the “hot coffee” mod made news.

          If a particular board member is found to consistently make decisions that are overturned, they are probably going to be out of a job.

  • So they gonna pull the weed out?
    Well this is gonna go down well give the, Smoke a bowl and dab on 420, crowd.

    • My guess would be they won’t remove it, but will instead change the effects so that there isn’t an incentive/reward for using it.

        • I dunno man. When Fallout 3 went from morphine to stim X, that was fine. It went from a real world item to a made up one. If they follow that line, yeah, changing to herbs will be enough.

          But then when you look at We Happy Few, they were using a completely made up drug there, Joy, and the fantasy nature of its name was secondary to what using it did. They ruled against the usage, not the name.

          If they had done that with Fallout 3, stim X wouldnt have been approved either. They didnt, so its a little moot, but to me it shows they have varied their stance.

          So if they are protesting against cannabis specifically, changing to herbs will be fine. But if they are protesting against the use of it being a benefit to the player, a change of name wont be enough. I suspect the board has moved beyond just the name and being more about the use, so changing the name probably wont be enough in my opinion.

          Happy to be wrong on that though.

    • Please think of the children that will be hurt by being told that Marijuana is good for them. Not even the 18+ children are safe from something so devastatingly dangerous.

    • No.

      Per Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games 2012

      “Computer games will be Refused Classification if they contain:
      (i) illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards; “

  • And now we’ll be getting a gazillion snarky “Thanks, Australia” comments from the US and rest of world.

  • Fuck I hate freedom of information, it’s so bloody pointless it’s like saying we will tell you what you want to know if you say please.

    • Wait?

      Are you talking about the FOI act where people get to request information from the government provided its not classified?

      • I think it’s bullshit that you need to file a request, if it’s classified (military or national security) then fine but information that’s not classified should be avalible without request, it’s just red tape.

        • A lot of that info contains personal information the press are regularly required not to print.

          You want that stuff online?

          Did you forget what just happened with the ESA?

          • What was the ESA? I don’t know the abbreviation unless it’s European Space Agency which I know is wrong.

          • Entertainment Software Association.

            The group that runs e3 and lobbies for video game companies in the USA.

          • Yes.

            They had a spreadsheet avalible to anyone to view that contained the personal details of all the people who had attended E3. Press, Youtubers etc.

          • Yeah that’s not a government thing though it’s private people’s info which should always be protected.

            I was being kind of broad in my dislike (hatred) of FOI the reason why I hate it is becuase governments or agency’s that make rules or enforce them should have anything that doesn’t put national security or people’s lives at risk avalible without having to file a request.

          • Dont get me wrong.

            The government is very selective in what it allows to be released under FOI

            But i still greatly appreciate it exists in the first place. You don’t see it in a lot of other western democracies.

          • Yeah I appreciate that we have it but would rather not need it, I believe in limited but open government.

            So like less government control and oversight into every aspect of our lives, more open and accountable with less bureacracy.

  • one of the most popular survival games of the decade
    Yeah not this one, the original ARMA add on sure, but this one was in no way one of the most popular

  • They could make it more realistic by slowing reaction speed, adding in bloodlines style paranoia if you use too much and making the need to eat food increase with the food doing little to fill the bar: “The munchies.”

    And every so often you get a bad batch which turns the game into a FEAR sequel.

    • This is what i was thinking, in what world does smoking weed have an incentive/ reward?

      As you said, weed slows down reaction times and makes you hungry which in a game like DayZ (survival) makes using it a huge disadvantage.

      • isn’t day Z like a zombie survival game?

        IRL i would be smoking a joint or two to get over the fact i’m seeing zombies eating mofo’s, sure it slows reactions and shit but a bit of weed might take the edge off too.

      • Weed has the properties of being a stimulant, depressant and hallucinogenic. Effects vary between strains, smokers and a shit tonne of other variables.
        It actually can aid performance for endurance runners such as ultra-marathoners due to some kind of interracial with the endocannabinoid system.
        So the whole ‘it makes you slow, giggly and hungry’ is only a small portion of potential effects on the consumer.
        TLDR, the right pot can make you awesome at stuff.

  • While I loathe the puritanical bullshit that’s driving the change, it does sound like nothing of value is being lost.

    • i don’t think anyone is really mad that they are losing value it’s about the principle and trying to change these absurd guidelines. What is the point of having 18+ if everything that would qualify just gets banned instead.

      pearl clutching morons, god i hate boomers sometimes

      • None. Zero point. At all.

        It’s like I mentioned on the previous article:
        “R18+ is NOT a rating for adults, no matter what anyone claims.
        It’s a rating for teenage children.
        Adults do not need to be protected from fictional depictions of violence, sexual violence or drug use in media. And, in fact, they are not protected from these fictional depictions in many forms of entertainment media… video games are different, though, because no matter how carefully, slowly, convincingly, or irrefutably it is explained, the Powers That Be appear unwilling to believe that video games are actually played by adults.”

        Heh. I should’ve reversed the statement, really. While nothing of value is being lost, I still loathe the puritanical bullshit that’s driving the change.

        • i think it was during one of the GTA debacles we had the board released a statement saying that because games are interactive they must have more restrictions than other media, or i’m imagining this happened since i couldn’t find it anywhere.

          i agree with your conclusion but i find myself more enraged at the structure than the people, i assume most people especially anyone working in government regulatory bodies to be complete morons, to me it seems the board has a set of complete morons following a very bias set of idiotic rules penned by clueless boomer politicians, likely some religious hysteria mixed in there somewhere from the libs.

          something like “satan is possessing the children using fortnite, quickly call the vatican”.

          imagine how much worse it would be if the catholic church got its priests and cardinals etc off the children and got them involved with the censorship.. i remember they tried to “help” in Africa, shockingly it didn’t go so well.

  • I feel special. It’s usually China every one panders to, but for today Australia “numba won”.
    To be fair Though often these things land slide and other countries could move to ban in as well and ciye us as an example.

  • The section highlighted was about the weed, I would assume the morphine was also a contributing factor, I can see why it happened, especially as it didn’t have the negative health effects for the marijuana (reduced stamina, paranoia, lower immune response, an addiction to canned beans) and only positive ones. Same goes for the morphine with it healing broken legs etc.

  • Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Canadians laughing at the idiocy of banning a game because it contains make-believe pot. (Yet they’re perfectly fine with it featuring firearms….)

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