Henry Cavill Is Now Geralt In The Witcher 3, Too

We have come full circle. No longer is Henry Cavill just playing Geralt in Netflix’s Witcher adaptation, but he is now replacing Geralt in The Witcher 3 itself thanks to a mod that I’m honestly surprised took this long to turn up.

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Adnan’s Henry Cavill mod swaps Geralt’s old-arse face and replaces it with a decent approximation of Superman’s, and in keeping with the traditions of a man involved in the DC cinematic universe he becomes almost unrecognisable when facial hair is involved.

For reference, here’s how Cavill appears in Netflix’s series:

You can get the mod here.


    Here’s how Cavill appears in Netflix’s series: only shows an ass pic. The series looks good from the trailer though.

    I remember seeing the first teaser where he comes out of the shadows with that expression or lack thereof on his face, I was like what the fuck but he looks a lot better now.

    At first I believed Cavill was too big too play Geralt In some scenes he still has that Superman physique but in the armour he looks smaller, good costume design making him look less muscular.

    Thanks, I hate it. :)

    That header image though... my god. Outstanding. Just truly outstanding.

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