McDonald's Cups Inadvertently Feature Sexual Imagery, Mocking Ensues

Image: McDonald’s

In Japan, McDonald’s has released a new series of cups for its McFizz soft drinks. The cups are supposed to show a young woman and a young man on each side. When you finish the drink, it looks like they are smooching on the lips. But people have found something else entirely.

Here is how the cups look. As mentioned above, after you drink the colourful soft drink, the clear plastic cup reveals another person on the opposite side.

It looks rather innocent.

But, as SoraNews points out, if you change the angle, things get suggestive. This was quickly noticed by people on Twitter.

Several cups inadvertently feature a variety of acts that people have interpreted as sexual. A lot of people pointed out the screw-up, calling the drinks 大人の飲み物 (otona no nomimono) or “adult beverages” and referring to this as an “egregious blunder” by McDonald’s.


    I'm lovin it.

    Seriously though, one guess which cup sells out first.

    In that first tweet it almost looks like the boy is pole dancing on the straw...

    Gawddamn perverted internet ruins EVERYTHING! lol!

    They only put straight couples on these? Disgusting.

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