Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Ton Of New Indie Games (Including Ori And The Blind Forest)

There are a bunch of indie games newly coming to the Switch, including the Microsoft-published Ori and the Blind Forest, which will be coming to the platform on September 27, Nintendo announced in its “Indie World Showcase.”

It will join Cuphead, which released on Switch earlier this year and was also previously a console exclusive on Xbox One. But there was a lot of other info on a variety of games crammed into Nintendo’s 20-minute “Indie World” stream, so let’s break it down.

Out Today

  • The time-slowing first-person shooter Superhot that mixes puzzle solving with bullets will be out later today.

  • Both Hotline Miami games are finally coming to Switch by way of the Hotline Miami Collection.

    Editor’s Note: Hotline Miami 2’s was RC’d in Australia, and so was the Hotline Miami Collection, but you can still buy it on the eShop today. Don’t expect that situation to last for long.

Out Soon

  • Risk of Rain 2, a really fun co-op roguelike, came out of Early Access on PC earlier this year and will hit Switch sometime in the next month.

  • The Diablo-like game from 2012, Torchlight II, comes to Switch on September 3.

  • Creature in the Well, the dungeon-crawler with pinball mechanics, is coming to Switch on September 6.

Out This Spring

  • Freedom Finger, a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up where you steal enemies’ weapons to use against them, is out this spring.

  • The gruesome side-scrolling action game Blasphemous comes out September 10.

  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will make the jump over to Switch on September 27.

  • Previously unannounced, The Touryst is a voxel puzzle adventure game that looks reminiscent of Star Tropics. It’s coming to Switch sometime in November.

  • Munchkin: Quacked Quest is a party game where you try to survive a dungeon by undermining your friends. It will arrive sometime before the end of the spring.

  • Northgard is a viking strategy game that comes to Switch on September 26.

  • The cooperative fantasy puzzle game Trine 4 will bring whimsical problem solving to Switch on October 8.

  • Sparklite is a pretty-looking top-down action role-playing game that looks heavily inspired by Zelda and will be out sometime this spring.

  • Cat Quest II is also coming to Switch this spring because the cats clearly didn’t take care of business the first time around.

Sometime This Winter

  • Comedic hack ’n slash Skellboy lets you swap out body parts in addition to equipment and is out December 3.

  • One Finger Death Punch 2 is a minimalist fighting game that will be out on December 2.

  • EarthNight is a side-scrolling platformer where you can fly and run along the backs of dragons while listening to a chiptune-inspired soundtrack that’s coming out sometime before the end of the year.

  • Close to the Sun is a first-person horror game, while Kine is a comic-book-looking physics puzzler, both of which are due out before the end of the year.

  • Röki is an atmospheric game that takes place in the snow among both friendly and menacing creatures, which is fitting since it’s set to release sometime over the winter.

  • Youropa is a 3D puzzle platformer where you seemingly play as a delightful little person with a blob for a head. They’re protected by paint, though, and they die if it gets scraped off from falling too much.

  • Hypercharge: Unboxed is a co-op shooter where you take control of toy soldiers and pretend to be plastic badasses, sort of like the Army Men games.

  • What The Golf? is the golfing game for people who actually can’t stand it, like Putt-Putt on drugs.

  • Dungeon Defenders Awakened is a spin-off of the first game, which was absolutely wonderful and deserved better than its ill-fated, already-released sequel. It will be a timed console exclusive when it comes to Switch in February.

  • Do you want to pet the dog? Of course you want to pet the dog. Best Friend Forever will let you pet all the dogs when it comes to Switch on February 14, 2020.

Sometime In 2020

  • Eastward is a new game being published by Chucklefish that has the looks as pixelated and beautiful as you’d expect.

  • Skater XL currently in Early Access on PC, where it’s had a mixed reception. We’ll see how it ends up looking on the Switch when it comes there next year.

  • The boat-making exploration game Spiritfarer is planned to arrive sometime next autumn.

  • Phogs! is colourful and adorable and you play as a double-ended dog. It’s also slated to arrive in the first half of 2020.

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