Blizzard, Please Put Link In Overwatch

While this animation video looks exactly like something Blizzard would release, as part of some dream Zelda x Overwatch crossover event for the upcoming Switch version, it’s amazingly/sadly just the work of some fans instead.

This is actually the third time I’ve posted about this design, imagining Link as a playable character in Overwatch. The first time was when we led with Jeremy Vitry’s original artwork for his Fine Art feature. The second was when Aaron Walker turned it into a 3D model.

Now, though, in collaboration with Vitry, Walker and some other folks (Stéphane Vidélo and Philémon Belhomme), VFX artist Etienne Pov has turned the art into a full-blown animation, complete with special moves and Zelda-specific loot box opening.


    Wake me when we have a mod that replaces Hanzo with Shamir from Three Houses. She’ll show him how archery sniping should be done.

    I'd just be happy with exclusive Nintendo skins.

    Literally disgusting...

    ...seeing Link in a trash lootbox game.

    Not only does he look weird, but Link is not right handed. He holds his sword in his left hand.

    Also what others said.

      He's been right handed a few times, it drives some fans nuts.

        The only times from memory was the Wii port of Twilight Princess (where they flipped the entire game around) and Skyward Sword, to accommodate swinging with the wiimote with your right hand.

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