New Death Stranding PS4 Has A Controller Based On The Weird Baby

There’s a limited edition PS4 Pro coming based on Death Stranding, and it’s a very fetching shade of white. The drippy black handprints on the top are a nice touch, but nowhere near as nice as the decision to base the accompanying controller on the game’s Bridge Baby.

The console launches alongside the game on November 8, and is a 1TB version of the PS4 Pro. It’ll be $US400 ($588). Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed.

The controller has a partially-transparent orange casing, letting you see the insides. Sadly there’s no room in there to add a floaty baby, but the execution on a cool concept here is still one of the best for an official controller I’ve seen in years.


    Having some major flashbacks to the days of the N64 with that transparent plastic...

    but the execution on a cool concept here is still one of the best for an official controller I’ve seen in years.It kind of feels a bit cheap to me. I have a frost coloured translucent controller just like it which makes this seem like a simple recolour so they can charge for a collector's edition but not pay too much for custom builds. It would have been better if they had the baby looking at you through the controller and/or added the underlit gradient to make it look like it was filled with liquid.

      I've always found translucent controllers to look cheap, something about seeing the screws and thread points just kinda ruins it for me.

        I'm the opposite. I enjoy peeking into the internals of the controller. Makes the controller look more hard-core.

        That said, I agree with CP. Missed opportunity to add something to this controller that makes it look like it has liquid inside, and all the components are submerged in it. To many people, their controller is their baby.

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