Nintendo’s New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons In Strange Places

Nintendo’s New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons In Strange Places

Nintendo is heading back into the fitness business with Ring Fit Adventure, a new game where you strap a Joy-Con onto your leg, put another in a big squeezy new peripheral and flail about like nobody’s watching.

Here is the game’s first trailer — it looks like a surprisingly decent use of RPG mechanics, given the fitness angle — along with a demonstration of its dedicated hardware, called the Ring-Con.

Ring Fit Adventure has the player on a quest to take down a body-building dragon. You have to move your character manually by jogging or walking on the spot, while the Ring-Con is used to interact with objects in the world. Battles are fought not with magic, but with fitness moves like squats, and players will be able to adjust the resistance of the Ring-Con if they’re too young/unfit for the default settings.

Speaking of the Ring-Con (below, right), it’s a new peripheral that houses a Joy-Con in the top, so that it can sense how hard and fast you’re… squeezing it. It’s a pilates ring, basically, just one that’s got Nintendo branding. There’s also a leg strap for the other Joy-Con (below, left), so that it can detect the movement of your leg.


The game includes the Rig-Con and strap, and will launch in Australia on October 18, and is expected to cost around $124.95.


  • It just looks silly. You look at something like the Wii Fit and it kind of made sense instantly, the kind of things it could be used for. I can’t see this having the same kind of impact that Wii Fit had, but I suppose there’s probably a market for it, just not as large a market as the Wii had.

    Definitely not for me.

  • I would actually try this, scary hosts notwithstanding. I really liked the fitness game that used the kinect, and this looks better. The RPG looks well implemented and I’m as much of a fiend for XP leveling as anyone. Don’t know about the price though.

  • As a fat ass who had a minor heart attack earlier this week (unstable angina more precisely), this might be something I could get into. Looks incredibly stupid but within the privacy of my home, it might be fun. This price point is fine for the game and accessories.

    I did have the Wii Fit board but man that program was so judgemental. Damn guilt-tripping AI telling me how long since I logged in. 🙂

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