Poor Link's Awakening Is Now Launching On The Same Day As Untitled Goose Game

And I was so excited for Link's Awakening, too.

Over the weekend the best bit of news finally dropped: yes, Untitled Goose Game is still coming out this year. Even better is the news that it's launching on September 20, the same day as the Switch Lite and Link's Awakening. Untitled Goose Game is coming to PC as well, although it's exclusive to the Epic Game Store, which makes total sense compared to every other Epic exclusive this year.

If it sounds like I'm talking up Untitled Goose Game a little, then by way of counter-point, please consider this Exhibit A as counter-evidence.

You play an arsehole goose (check) who ruins people's day (double check) that can also steal glasses from children.

There's no chance I'm playing Link's Awakening on September 20. What a wild world we live in that a reimagining of Zelda is less exciting than geese.


    I for one am greatly looking forward to playing this. After a bit of Zelda.

    As someone that had a pet goose (raised from a gosling) - can 100% confirm that geese are complete arseholes that only wish for human misery and suffering.

    I STILL have a fever, and the only prescription is STILL... more goosebill...

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