Community Review: Untitled Goose Game

Community Review: Untitled Goose Game


Irrespective of the actual game itself, it’s been sublime to see how everyone’s imagination has been utterly captured by The Goose and his bastardly brand of adventure. It’s been the only consistent thread across my social feed for the last week, which explains why The Goose is appearing in more mainstream conversation. I even had a phone call with the New York Times about the indie last week, because the reporter there was fascinated with the game.

The game’s even popping up in the weirdest of places. Chrissy Teigen has fallen in love with it, and even Blink 182 namedropped the indie during their set at Twitchcon this year.

God Bless All The Untitled Goose Game Memes

Sometimes you put something out into the world, and all you get back is good energy. That's the lifecycle of Untitled Goose Game right now, and it's only bettered by the prospect of thinking about where the honking little devil can flap its wings next.

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That kind of social reach is the sort of thing indies can really only dream of. It also means little frustrations and quirks with the controls or mechanics, which I bounced off a little despite enjoying my few hours with the game, don’t really matter. People have fallen in love with the idea of The Goose. And it’s still outselling Link’s Awakening on the eShop in regions, so the game’s commercially done astoundingly well.

For what it’s worth, I would absolutely love to have The Goose in Smash. But that’s partially because I think Nintendo are missing a trick by not having Psyduck in Smash, or Mario Kart, and The Goose would be a perfectly acceptable compromise. And dealing with a team of four devs from Melbourne is probably easier than hassling the poor Pokemon devs, who are gearing up for a 24 hour stream later this week (!).

How’s your Untitled Goose Game experience been?


  • I’m really enjoying the game, although I get frustrated at not being able to work out how to complete some of the objectives and will put the game down to come back later.

    It’s a lot of fun to just waddle around honking at people and taking their stuff. Flapping your wings all over the place.


  • Before playing it I thought it would be just free form running around annoying people. There is a little bit of structure to it though and I really like the game elements that are in the game in the form of checklists of things to do. Makes it a combination of goose simulator + puzzle game, which is quite excellent. So far the things I’ve enjoyed are making the boy buy his own toy plane from the cranky lady and making the man spit out his tea. Would play again.

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