HONK: Untitled Goose Game Is Coming To Fall Guys

HONK: Untitled Goose Game Is Coming To Fall Guys

Fall Guys has partnered with plenty of indie games already, but no collaboration will be as good — or make more sense — than Untitled Goose Game.

The Mediatonic team have been teasing this collaboration for a while now, featuring the team members in some stunning home-made goose suits. But during one of Mediatonic’s recent Twitch streams, a first look at the Goose costume was revealed.

The outfit stays very true to the design of Untitled Goose Game, giving the goose blocky angles and wings for arms. It comes off looking a lot better than some of Fall Guys’ previous costume collaborations. See the Sonic the Hedgehog or Godzilla skins if you need a mental picture.

Update: Mediatonic has announced that its collaboration with Untitled Goose Game will include 3 featured costumes – the Goose, the Gardener, and the Wimp. There will also be a HONK emote which replicates the iconic Goose sound.

All of the costumes will be sold in two pieces – so you can run around as half a goose if you truly desire. The skins follow the trend of 5 crowns apiece, so you’re looking at 10 crowns to purchase the full glorious goose.

The first Goose outfit hits the Fall Guys cosmetic store on Friday, November 13. The Gardener and the Wimp costumes will be available in the store in the coming weeks. Featured costumes tend to only stick around for 48 hours – so start saving your crowns now.

Fall guys untitled goose game costume

Untitled Goose Game comes from local game developers House House, and has been a smash hit with gamers all around the world. If you thought two player co-op was a fun addition to Untitled Goose Game, wait until there are 60 geese running around in Fall Guys.

The famed goose of Untitled Goose Game is known for being an obnoxious nuisance for the entirety of the game. Seeing as many Fall Guys players share the goose’s mentality this really is one of the best costume collaborations the game has seen so far. Although it does seem like a missed opportunity that you can’t grab other players with the goose’s beak.

The goose costumes arrive just in time for the latest mid-season update which introduces a brand new level called Big Fans. As the name suggests, the level consists entirely of moving fans that players must expertly navigate or risk falling into the abyss. If you really want to feel like a goose, in every sense of the word, try wearing the costume as you get yeeted for that real flying sensation.

This article has been updated with additional information.

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