Riot Says It Hasn’t Banned Casters From Saying ‘Hong Kong Attitude’

Riot Says It Hasn’t Banned Casters From Saying ‘Hong Kong Attitude’
Image: Hong Kong Attitude, <a href="">Facebook</a>

With all the protests going on in Hong Kong, League of Legends casters appear to be avoiding saying the team name “Hong Kong Attitude” and seem to even be catching themselves when they do. Riot Games, however, says that it has not banned casters from saying “Hong Kong.”

Chinese conglomerate Tencent owns Riot and has a stake in Blizzard.

Below is a clip of recent instances in which casters appear to be correcting themselves before saying the team’s full name:

During the match, however, the team’s full name was clearly visible on stage. So is there an explanation for the awkward use of “HKA”?

League of Legends spokesperson Ryan Rigney issued this statement:

Blizzard Reduces Suspension Of Hearthstone Player Who Made Hong Kong Comments, Returns Prize Money

After a week of controversy surrounding its decision to boot Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai from a tournament and suspend him for a year for delivering a pro-Hong-Kong message during an official broadcast, Blizzard has finally made a statement about the situation. It plans to allow Blitzchung to collect his prize money after all and reduce his suspension.

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  • Can you blame the casters for being skittish, though? We now live in a world where not only the wrong word can literally end your career without warning, but you can have it ended by being in close proximity to someone else saying the wrong thing. This is made worse when the ‘wrong thing’ in this instance is anything that might offend the touchiest, most draconian nation on earth, such as y’know… holding them to their promises.

    This is the real harm in the Blizzard’s disgusting, craven capitulation. The bans and penalties – even walked back – served the purpose that China wanted them to: they were a warning. Step out of line and be made an example of.

    That warning is clearly being taken seriously.

    • Riot have to be in the worst position in the gaming world at the moment. It’s the middle of their biggest yearly event, the eyes of the gaming world are on them, and this controversy has sprung up with a team called “Hong Kong Attitude” competing in their World Championship. And unlike Blizzard, who Tencent only has a 5% stake in, Riot is OWNED OUTRIGHT by Tencent. Because of Blizzard’s stupid blundering incompetence, every single employee at Riot must be having nightmares every night of finding themselves out of a job any day now.

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