Is It Just Me, Or Did The Sonic Movie Make Dr. Robotnik Hot

Listen, I don’t like it either. This week, the new look Sonic the Hedgehog design was revealed alongside the movie’s latest trailer. While Sonic has been given an adorable facelift, what hasn’t changed is my unavoidable and deeply embarrassing attraction to the Jim Carrey version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

There’s lots of adorable little shenanigans going down in the new trailer, with Sonic cracking jokes, hanging out with X-Men‘s Cyclops and going on a rubber-band filled adventure. And then, Dr. Robotnik starts screaming maniacally. And dancing maniacally. And saying things like, “YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE,” in that loud Jim Carrey way of yelling. And I’m into it. And I’m very ashamed.

Dr. Robotnik is not an attractive character outside of Tumblr. He’s a a big, egg-shaped, moustache-twirling villain with demon eyes and no redeeming qualities. That hasn’t stopped the internet debating the rampant horniness of Robotnik in the past.

This is what Dr. Robotnik should look like. Huge moustache, tiny eyes, round body, thin stick legs and zero sexual appeal. And yet, when the U.S. military of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie brings in their advanced military expert to capture the wily creature, he’s a rugged and distractingly charismatic Jim Carrey, complete with exaggerated, hip-shaking dance moves.

And when he’s not dancing, he’s completely dominating his delivery. The line, “Of course I want a latte, I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM,” blasts out of Carrey with such wild and confident energy that it’s instantly become the iconic line of the year for me.

Carrey appears to be brute forcing his way through this ridiculous role, getting by on pure, unfiltered energy, and it’s absolutely working. The fact that the directors just let him do his thing is fantastic, really. I can see a future where people walk out of cinemas discussing Carrey’s role in isolation, purely based on the chaotic energy of these lines.

As I delved deeper into this weird, egg-shaped hole, I was delighted to find this very accurate prediction from Alexis Moore on Twitter, about the state of Dr. Robotnik in 2020:

From his clipped hipster moustache to his sleek all-black get-up and unprovoked shouts, he’s about to become the next big internet obsession. Jim Carrey, who has always played the whacky, rubber-faced goon (unless you count his rare heartthrob turn in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), is finally getting his turn as a weird, chaotic sex symbol. I’m so sorry, but in 2020, Dr. Robotnik is hot.

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