Shannon Noll’s PUBG Team Has Stephen Bradbury, Roxy Jacenko And A Love Island Star

Shannon Noll’s PUBG Team Has Stephen Bradbury, Roxy Jacenko And A Love Island Star
Image: Supplied
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Who wants to roll Shannon Noll in an esports tournament?

So around about PAX one of the funnier — or weirder — PR stunts was unveiled. Shannon Noll, a living meme, would be making his own team for PUBG. The team would be playing in a open tournament for a Lenovo sponsored event on November 16, which just meant everyone else could team up for the chance to talk shit to the former Australian Idol star over voice chat.

But now Noll’s joined by some other members who might be worth bantering as well. The other three members of this weird, celebrity PUBG team include Sydney socialite Roxy Jacenko, speedskater and accidental Olympic winner Stephen Bradbury, and the only member of the group who actually plays PUBG regularly, Love Island member Cassidy McGill:

25 teams have been approved for the online ANZ qualifiers so far, with another 11 pending approval. There are actual PUBG teams in the mix, like Team Immunity, and the winners of the online qualifiers will get sent to a second stage to earn the chance to play at the world finals in Bangkok’s Pantip Plaza in mid-December.

The chances of them getting through the initial qualifiers — or more than a couple of kills — are less than zero, but I can totally see the team copping some interesting treatment at the hands of the rest of the server. Maybe a couple of teams decide to sacrifice themselves to further the cause of Nollsy. Maybe everyone just surrounds them in a building and shouts Shannon Noll memes at the squad through voice chat. Or maybe the team discovers that PUBG has its own brand of poo-jogging.

“I’m also confident my underdog skills are intact, maybe I’ll ‘Do A Bradbury’,” Stephen Bradbury said in a release.

And who knows. Maybe he will. Brendan Greene has some useful advice on that front.


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