Microsoft Cancels Streamer’s Partnership After ‘Sex Offender’ Tweet

Microsoft Cancels Streamer’s Partnership After ‘Sex Offender’ Tweet

Harrison “HarrisonJr” Patrick Stewart had, until last week, been a verified streamer and partner on Microsoft’s Mixer platform. His deal has since been cancelled after he tweeted an image of himself alongside the text “Come watch a registered sex offender plays Fortnite with 10 year olds!!”

As The Hollywood Reporter…reports, Stewart—who had around 80,000 followers—posted the following tweet last week before quickly deleting it:

He then issued an apology:

In a statement sent to THR, Microsoft say “We take immediate action when we determine content violates our terms of service. We encourage our users to report potential violations, and we provide guidance on how to do that. We’ve reviewed the content in question and as a result made the decision to end our partnership.”

Stewart’s account is now no longer verified, nor even apparently active, with all his previous streams deleted and a small message left simply saying “I’m sorry”.


  • I would have thought James Gunn would have been an abject lesson on what can happen when you post really inappropriate ‘humour’ on social media. Although this one didn’t take a decade to be brought to light and acted on.

    • “acted on”… James Gunn lost nothing, and I’d suggest that he, in fact, gained after it was “brought to light”.

      Then again, jokes are jokes (and humour is subjective) and words aren’t violence, so I thought it was an over the top reaction anyhow.

    • There’s a lot of ways to get on that list, anyway. Certainly he implied a certain way, but even if he was actually on the list, it could have been for prostitution, sexual violence, any number of things. Microsoft DEFINITELY overreacted to a joke here , albeit one made in poor taste.

      • apparently you can get on the US sex offenders list just by pissing in public if the police are mad enough at you.

        some guy apparently urinated on a cop car which really set them off so they worked some sideways shit and got him on the list.

    • See that’s the problem with the mistaken belief that many people that become baffled about this sort of thing: It’s not always about “offending” or who gets “offended”. In this case, for example, the issue is normalizing a very bad thing by making light of it. Child molesters must be firmly condemned by society, not used for a cheap joke.

      • And child molesters are firmly condemned by society. There’s a reason why they are almost always kept in solitary in prisons.

        But hey, the way society is going these days… It’s only a matter of time before it does become normalised *shrug*

      • your argument is meaningless virtue signalling tripe, if ever you or any of the other people vomiting this copy paste response used the same logic to champion jokes about trans people or Muslims it might not sound hypocritical.

        pedo jokes normalise pedo’s but trans jokes don’t normalise trans people they normalise transphobia… what a load of crap.

        The guy was making a joke and as far as that goes you either find it funny or u don’t end of discussion. The problem was that it wasn’t clearly a joke and could easily be misinterpreted, streamers do this all the time because they forget that the nuances and memes that live in their chat among their audience only exist in that space. I am betting that his chat gives him shit all the time about “looking like a sex offender” and the idiot made a tweet referencing this to further the meme and engage his audience not realizing that it would absolutely backfire.

        • Going by other comments from you in the past (that I have agreed with) you know that engaging with this kind of crap–even by mocking it–is giving them the attention and the controversy they were aiming for, to begin with, and which keeps them relevant among the group of edgelords who follow their stuff. Thus, they make of a real-life, horribly destructive issue like pedophilia, a cheap, repeatable trick to play for lulz and clicks. That’s normalisation.

          • I don’t care if it gives them attention.

            I have no worries mocking and degrading pedophiles. It’s not normalizing it, It’s degrading them as the sick fucking people they are.

            The ones i see on twitter demanding they be accepted into the LGBTIQ+ crowd deserved to be mocked and degraded. LGBTIQ+ already has it small issues. But fuck them every wanting to be a part of that. Along with Zoophiles.

          • Yeah, I didn’t mean that mocking normalizes, but rather that stupid edgelords like these who thrive on controversy will celebrate the mockery because it gave them more airtime, exposure and “rep” as “triggering” normies. That means the topic becomes a goldmine for them and any who wants to be like them, even if they are no actually pedophiles. That’s why my position is that such talk is better met with real consequences than simple mockery.

  • Jokes are meant to be funny. Finding humour in something requires some pre-understanding of the subject matter and context. For me, his joke was not funny, however I understand that others who may be closer to the subject matter or understand his context better, may find humour in his words. I can just ignore this, but seems words (or even the typing of words) cannot be tolerated by some.

  • As someone who has to deal with real sex offenders and their victims; screw that guy. Some “jokes” are better kept between your inner circle.

    • you are right man, i don’t know why you had to inject your personal experience in here like it gives you some extra authority or something…

      then again upon further consideration you did air quote the word joke so maybe i do need to set you straight.

      It was a joke so cut that air quote shit out for a start, you are right he should not have tweeted this out but only because there is no way you don’t get yeeted from your platform for making that joke publicly, the selectively offended can go jump in a lake they are all hypocrites that will laugh at or make a jokes about other offensive things, the argument that i find x subject to be offensive therefore it isn’t a joke or in your case needs to be hidden from the public doesn’t fly.

      I made one example above in response to pylgrim i make another more specific one now, when comedian Daniel Tosh was lambasted by feminists on twittter for making a rape joke people rightly pointed out the hypocrisy of at least 3 of them who engaged in a series of male suicide jokes whilst in an argument with some MRA’s several days earlier.

      I freely admit i may be wrong when i infer that you are objecting to this joke being public because it would be offensive to some people feel free to clear that up, if however i am correct think about the times when you have laughed at a joke that someone else may find offensive.

      • Yeah nah. When you have interviewed a pedo and they sit there with a straight face telling you that everyone is a pedo and you are just a coward for not acting on your impulses without reaching across the desk to redecorate their face then can inject your uninformed opinion.

        I was going to provide other examples but it made me too furious when I was typing that I had to delete it four times before I decided you wouldn’t care anyway.

        • yeh nah. nice try retard but as an actual victim i outrank you so take you self righteous indignation and stow it somewhere precious.

          the fact that you can tell me about how you managed to stop yourself hurting that sack of garbage when i didn’t should theoretically mean your better at impulse control than me. Guess that only applies in real life not on the internet where you can be a “tuff guy”.

          the reason you find yourself in the embarrassing position of essentially telling a victim to shut up is because unlike you i know that our respective experiences are irrelevant so i unlike you didn’t bother to mention my personal connection to the issue because IT IS NOT RELEVANT, you are not the gatekeeper of jokes and your selective outrage can get bent.

          I’m offended is not an argument for a start you do not get to ignore the substance of what i said by throwing a tantrum, there is no joke no matter how potentially offensive that is off limits. There are consequences to telling these types of jokes and they are entirely social you can stop watching this guys stream or not ever watch it depending on if you a viewer or not, you can tell everybody you know hes an asshole in your opinion. What you can not do is say hes not allowed to make the joke.

          now if it is a violation of the guidelines then mixer or twitter or whatever platform he is using can boot him, they make the rules for the platform.

          ironic that you seem to show greater restraint to a pedo than a victim who disagrees with your authoritarian joke policing.

          • “Nice try retard”. I stopped after there because I realised you are a troll. I’ll continue to do my job and help the people you are pretending to be and you can just keep doing what it is you do.

          • oh i see your allowed to be so incensed that you can hardly type a reply but should anyone dare to be angered by you and use one of you not not words they are a troll… inspired indeed i haven’t seen this programmed response before. Incidentally in your work to “help” people do you just ignore the children that don’t fit your narrow definition of what a victim has to believe or espouse… you must be really shit at your job.. just thinking about all the children you end up ignoring that is truly sad.

            whatever keep on sailing through life with you blinders on, people that are simultaneously this wrong and self righteous always get what they deserve, i shall leave this one up to karma.

          • Buddy, I performed CPR this morning on a fellow on the road who had been ejected from his car when he purposely drove it into a tree. His legs were still in the car by the way, even though we recovered them I’m thinking he won’t be walking again.

            Next I investigated two burglaries, mediated between a 13 year old with ADHD who is trying to start up his own Fortnite YouTube channel and his parents who believe video games cause violence, delivered a death message (not related to the collision) and finally organised emergency accommodation for a victim of family violence and her two kids aged under 5.

            I’m pretty satisfied with what I do to help people. You won’t get the reaction you’re hoping for from me.

          • i wasn’t expecting any reaction i didn’t even expect you to read what i said i mean you didn’t last time so why now.

            i don’t care about you in the slightest your a sanctimonious jackass that virtue signals about how much you help people and at the same time dismiss someone who shares in the trauma your so impressed with yourself for combating because they disagree with when you pitch a fit and try to censor others over jokes.

            as far as i’m concerned you are basically nothing you don’t move the needle at all regardless of how many people you help, accusing me of lying about being a victim negates everything you have ever done or will do, in my opinion you are trash.

            you were wrong before your still wrong now and that wouldn’t bother me at all there are few people who can admit they are wrong about something even fewer when it comes to people commenting in forums like these, but you stepped over a line. There are hundreds of ways you could have responded and kept your head in the sand, you could have even woken up and realised your wrong but to flippantly dismiss what i said the way you did makes you human garbage in my eyes.

            notice that not once have i ever doubted what you have said, mostly because it’s irrelevant to the actual issue of censoring people over jokes but also because there is no way for me to know so i assume it’s true there is no value in either of us lying anyway from my perspective because it doesn’t matter. You are the one who believes in this victim Olympics shit i was just trying to get you to stop by using your own logic to dead end that stupid tangent.

            Assuming you read this and didn’t trip over some trigger word somewhere and have another tantrum i will summerise,
            “i dont like that joke therefore he should be deplatformed and i work with victims so i am the authority not to be ignored”
            “your offence is irrelevant jokes are never to be censored, i am a fucking victim you don’t speak for me cut that shit out”
            “liar liar liar, i somehow know you are a liar because all victims believe the same thing and they agree with me so your a fake fake liar pants”
            i could go on but i have just remembered you already proved you a lost cause. good day

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