New Kingdom Hearts Game Is Coming To Mobile

Square Enix tonight announced Project Xehanort, the working title for a new game coming this autumn for iOS, Android and Amazon.

In true bullshit Square Enix fashion, though, absolutely nothing was shown or described about the game, and the only online presence it has is a single screenshot and a competition for fans to try and guess the game’s name (like Kingdom Hearts Excelsior Abundance K3 Mk II, etc etc).

If you also want to try and guess what the actual game is about, the words “an all-new KINGDOM HEARTS experience planned for Spring 2020!” (Autumn in Australia) combined with the platforms should be enough to prepare you for the worst.


    Kingdom Hearts: We don't give a fuck and are essentially winging it at this point II.5

    'lets scan money from people without actually making a decent game' - standard thought process for games made these days

    Here's my guess:

    Kingdom Hearts Portable: Multitude of Microtransactions. (optional gameplay edition)

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