What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

With the rains finally arriving, it's a perfect time to sit inside and smash through some video games - especially ones that journey to lands we'd never experience in our lives.

First cab off the rank for me is Journey to the Savage Planet, an upcoming space explorer that's dropping next week. I'm under embargo, so all I can say about the game is that I'm playing it. Sorry!

I can say a lot more about Legends of Runeterra, although most of my playtime will largely be around regaining the progress I made in the technical betas last year. I really liked Riot's take on a drafting mode - it's my favourite thing to do in a CCG - so I'll definitely be knocking some of that out.

Beyond that, there's runs of Slay the Spire to do. Still need to grind my way through that third act.

What are you playing over the long weekend?


    No videogames for me, board games - Just picked up Scythe and Wingspan so that's what I'm planning to do with the family. And if there is any time left I would really, really like to finally start Gloomhaven which I bought about 3 years ago.

    I was going to spend the weekend with Indivisible now that it's on Game Pass, but it turns out that it's one of those "console-only" game pass games, so no Indivisible for me.

    I really hope that the idea of separate Game Pass lists for PC and XBox goes away when Series X launches.

    I guess it'll just be another weekend of hardcore monster hunting, then.

    More FFXIV for me - about 75% through Stormblood and really enjoying the story.

    Going to get in some Pokemon Shield, hopefully get some sword exclusives with the new codes that have popped up online. I've been breeding a few extra of the ones in my version.

    Also got some of the post game stuff to finish up as well.

    I'm playing through Dragon: Marked For Death at the moment though I'm also feeling a big urge to play Fire Emblem: Three Houses after watching the AGDQ speedrun just recently.

    Then AnimeLab goes and drops around 200 series onto the service, many of which are classics I want to catch up on...

    Gonna enjoy some cycling. And Tales of Vesperia. Totally forgot this weekend was a long one

    Attempting to suck less using the Watcher in Slay the Spire. I'm a dab hand at the other three, but haven't managed an ascension with the new comer, mostly getting caught in the wrong stance.

    Maybe Hitman 2, bought it cheap 2 weeks ago.

    God damn do i want to be playing Doom Eternal, Is Bethesda still bitchy at Kotaku? most game sites have given their first impressions bar Kotaku.

    The Outer Worlds. So long since I played a great RPG & this is fantastic fun. I am finding it a touch easy on "hard"; does anyone know does the difficulty spike as you progress?

    Yakuza Kiwami 2. Maybe a bit of Modern Warfare / Battlefield 5 on the side.

    Got a 4 week old daughter and a 2 and a half year old daughter to play with over the long weekend. No rest for parenthood!

    Finish off getting the platinum for Jedi Fallen order, then might start Resident Evil 2 seeing as picked it up for cheap during the January sale on PSN

    Zombie Army Trilogy on PS4. Just picked it up in the January Sale and it's awesome. The kill cam is my new favourite thing in games. They give you lots of opportunity to snipe zombies all through the game and it feels so good to get the headshot and watch the x-ray of the skull disintegrate, it's like a zen state. Happy times!

    I started building a factory in Fallout 4 and it's become my obsession to automate production of everything

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